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Robert Downey Jr & Tom Holland’s Movie ‘Dolittle’ | Box-office Prediction

Tom Holland will be the voice behind Jip.

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The upcoming Dolittle movie will see Robert Downey Jr (Avengers: Endgame) as an animal whisperer. Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, John Cena and a whole slew of big names will work as voice actors for the movie. It’s hard to say what impact it would have at the box office. Some say RDJ might be the lucky charm. But we’re just glad to see Downey Jr. and Holland reunited!

How much Money can Robert Downey starer Film make in its Opening Week?

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. It’s hard to predict the exact number but according to some stats by Box Office Pro we can at least have a look at some projected numbers.

The Robert Downey Jr starer and Stephen Gaghan directed Dolittle is not a low budget movie. According to BOP, it might make around $150 to $170 million in the opening week.

If we compare it to the film’s budget of over $175 million, the projections are less than that. Dolittle has to make much more than that just to break-even.

The Universal Studios project also had to go through an additional 21 days of photography. According to THR, the film’s reported budget of $175 million does not even include these costs. I suppose the Robert Downey Jr feature film will have to do well.

What is the Movie about?

The plot revolves around, Dr. Dolittle, a physician who finds out that he can talk to animals. Robert Downey Jr will play the role of an animal whisperer. Though, to some people, he just seems insane.

He is joined by the voice of Avengers: Infinity War actor Tom Holland, who will give life to Jip. Other A-list voice -actors include Octavia Spencer (Dab-Dab), Rami Malek (Chee-Chee), Emma Thompson (Polynesia), Selena Gomez (Betsy) and, Kumail Nanjiani will give voice to Plimpton.

I believe RDJ-magic will surely have a positive impact in terms of business and the story as well.

The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle opens on the 17th of January, 2020.  Dankanator will keep you updated.

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