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Elisabeth Moss Movie ‘The Invisible Man’ 2020 | What to Expect

The horror flick is a remake of it's 1933 predecessor.

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Leigh Whannell wrote and directed, The Invisible Man 2020, which is due to release next year. It is an adaptation of the book by H.G Wells. Elisabeth Moss and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (The Haunting of Hill House) starrer horror flick is a Universal and Blumhouse Productions project.

What character is Elisabeth Moss playing and What’s the plot?

The star of Mad Men and Handmaid’s Tale is playing Cecilia in The Invisible Man 2020 movie. The extremely abusive nature of her boyfriend has forced Elisabeth Moss to run away.

She finds out later that Adrian has committed suicide. The trailer, however, reveals something quite sinister.

The writer, Leigh, of all the has a firm grip over horror stories and knows very well how to keep the viewers glued to the screen. She did that with the Insidious movie series as well.

It’s kind of obvious from the trailer that Adrian is alive. The ex-boyfriend fakes his death, becomes invisible and makes life a living hell for Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss). He influences her in a way that makes her look insane to everyone else around.

The Elisabeth Moth starer movie has a MeToo feel to it. At the very core, The Invisible Man is the story of a woman trying to fight her abuser while everyone around her thinks she’s losing her mind.

It seems different from other upcoming horror movies such as Gwendoline Christie’s ‘In Fabric’and The Curse of La Llorona.  But we will have to wait and see the movie first.

The Cast & Crew of The Invisible Man 2020.

Award-winning actress Elisabeth Moss is joined by Oliver Jackson-Cohen as her on-screen love interest and abuser.

Leigh Whannell written movie also includes notable names like Aldis Hodge, who is playing James, Storm Reid playing Sydney, and Amali Golden, who is embodying Annie.

The reboot of the original The Invisible Man movie looks quite interesting.

Leigh, who has previously worked on the psychological thriller Upgrade, is one reason why this movie might turn out to be one of the best horror stories of 2020. We’ll just have for it.

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