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Wonder Woman Being Wonderful | Gal Gadot Surprises Fans!

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Wonder Woman is doing wonders outside of the superhero world as well. Gal Gadot, the star of ‘Wonder Woman’ and its upcoming sequel visited Inova Children’s Hospital in Annandale dressed in her costume. She is not the only one to have done so though. Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp have also made costume appearances in several instances. Johnny Depp has several times visited the hospitals in his Pirates of the Carrebeian costume. And this visit by the Wonder Woman was no different. Her superheroic performance at the hospital was loved by the children. And even the hospital staff.

Everyone Grateful for Gal Gadot

One of the doctors at the hospital sent out a tweet appreciating Gal Gadot and thanking her.

The tweet read:

Thank you Gal Gadot for visiting us at Inova Children’s Hospital. You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it…and so did the staff.

Not just the staff, but parents of the children at the hospital are also very grateful to Wonder Woman for brightening up the children’s days. The mother of one leukemia patient uploaded pictures of her child with Gal Gadot on Facebook. And even made a video saying that following the visit, they became fans for life.

Promotion for her New Wonder Woman Movie?

Gal Gadot is already shooting the sequel ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ in Washington DC these days. Movie promotions have surely benefited from this visit as the Wonder Woman 1984 Twitter account itself uploaded pictures from Gadot’s visit. The twitter account for the upcoming movie is even sharing pictures of specific children, and their medical stories online.

Considering that the new Wonder Woman movie is about to be released soon, a common assumption might be that Gal Gadot is doing this for promotions And triggering fan emotions. That might just be true. There is no escape from the fact that a lot of celebrities out there do these things for personal gains. It’s sad that celebrities use something like this as an incentive. But looking at it objectively, who is it hurting after all? Hollywood has become one of the most competitive industries out there. So even if our celebrities are going this extra mile to promote their movies, what’s the harm in it? And even if they don’t intend to do so, they’re still making a couple of sick kids really happy.

Still a Good Deed by Gal Gadot

We can never be really certain if this actually is a publicity stunt or not. If it is, then why hasn’t every comic book hero actor done it? If it’s just a few who are going out to do it, they might just be doing it for the sake of it. Making sick kids happy is a great deed. And now that some celebrities are taking up the task, using their popularity to brighten someone’s day, there is absolutely no need to question it.

Criticism has become a part of us and our society. But kudos to Wonder Woman here for putting smiles on sick faces!

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