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Anna Akana Pays Tribute to Her Dance Squad in ‘Let it Snow’ Movie

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Imagine having a dance squad. And not just a dance squad, but THE Dance Squad. Anna Akana can relate and she’s thankful for all the friends that are part of the squad. Of course, she’s talking about her co-stars in Netflix’s Let it Snow.

Anna Akana Voices her Insecurities About Meeting Her Co-Stars

The star of the recently released Netflix Christmas romance Let it Snow, Anna Akana opened up about how insecure she felt on her first day of shoot. In an instagram post she writes,

When I first met the dance squad on Let It Snow, I immediately texted my best friend that I felt like a loser at a hot girl party. Everyone was beautiful, intimidating & very very talented. To combat my anxiety, I went out on a limb and asked for everyone’s numbers so we could start a group chat.

We relate so much to everything Anna has written. Feeling anxious is totally normal and to everyone who has severe anxiety, hang in there. It’ll get better!

But her Anxieties Were Misplaced

Now imagine mustering up the courage to go up the beautiful people and actually becoming friends with them. Anna Akana was able to do just that. Not only did talked to her co-stars but now is also best friends with them. In the same instagram post she continues to write,

Turns out these girls aren’t only gorgeous, but loving and kind and hilarious. Thank you for the memes, ladies ♥️ also unfortunately the dance scene we worked so hard on was cut out of the movie, but alas, your loss haha

Anna Akana is certainly a role model for all those suffering from anxiety issues! She also has a YouTube channel where she frequently discusses her mental health issues in order to help people out there. Her channel also includes her music videos and general life advice and stories.

The Netflix romcom movie Let it Snow features Akana with a LGBTQ plot line. She plays the love interest of Liv Hewson. Moreover, the movie also stars Kiernan Shipka, Odeya Rush, Mitchell Hope, Matthew Noszka, Isabel Merced, Jacob Batalon, Shameik Moore and Joan Cusack.

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