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Dua Lipa And James Charles | Fans Are Calling Them Lost Twins

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So Dua Lipa and James Charles are like long-lost twins. And we are surprised this went unnoticed for the longest time. Dua Lipa was seen on the Red Carpet at the American Music Awards (AMAs) 2019 when the resemblance became obvious. The pop singer had also brought along her new love, and famous model, Anwar Hadid to the award show. In fact, Dua and Anwar even shared a kiss. But that’s not what everyone is swooning about. There’s more excitement about how Dua Lipa looked exactly like a makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles.

Dua Lipa and James Charles are twinnies

The resemblance was noticed when an account @PopCrave on Twitter posted pictures of Dua Lipa from the Red Carpet of the American Music Awards (AMAs).

Dua was seen in a look we had never seen before. Almost bare-faced, thick eyebrows and a very high ponytail. She wore a flamingo pink and black dress paired with a silver necklace.

For starters, the glamorous Dua Lipa did not look like herself. But she still looked beautiful.

Most fans threw shade on her look

Some fans can really be blunt when it comes to posting comments.

Secondly, James Charles was quick to point out that he could see himself.

The more we look at it, the more it gets obvious.

Many others also noticed it themselves

The fans were quick to figure out the resemblance as well.

Now, this tweet is way too funny.

Some Dua Lipa fans were simply offended with James Charles comparison

Clearly the comparison did not sit too well with some Dua stans, and they were mighty pissed…

Honestly, we think the resemblance is uncanny. It was there all along and we did not see it. And now it’s impossible to unsee it.

Also, James is beautiful. So is Dua. We believe this to be a compliment for both of them. Meanwhile, they look like long-lost twins and there is no second thought about it.

I mean, just look at these two pictures of Dua Lipa and James Charles, side by side and tell us we’re wrong.

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pre-stage @amas by @pixielevinson

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Oh God, the features are the same. What is this!?

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