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Are Jaclyn Hill’s Highlighters Jeffree Star Approved?

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The most requested Jeffree Star video on the Jaclyn Hill Highlight Collection is finally here! After the huge Jaclyn Hill controversy, and her brand’s relaunch, everyone wanted to know if Jaclyn would manage a real comeback. In fact, there have been so many new makeup launches in the past month. The highly-anticipated and successful, Conspiracy Palette by Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson, the vibrant and colorful James Charles palette, and the newly launched, glamorous eyeshadows by Tati Westbrook. Another sparking controversy was that Jeffree chose to review Jaclyn Hill highlighters but ignored Tati Westbrook’s debut eye-shadow palette.

The YouTube beauty community tea will keep brewing and we’ll keep serving it, especially the one regarding Jeffree and Tati Westbrook. But today, the news is whether Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Holiday Highlight Collection is ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ or not?

Jeffree Star Reviews Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection

In his new video, named “Does Jaclyn Cosmetics Deserve A Second Chance?,” Jeffree Star is seen holding the Holiday Highlight Collection PR package and his first comment was, “this sh** is biiiiiiiig!!!”

The makeup mogul shared that he will be talking about the products, their price point and every little thing fans want him to address.

“Okay, we have to address the elephant in the room.” Jeffree stated, “A lot of you were angry that I was going to review this but I did a poll on Twitter and here are the results. Hello. 84% said that yes you need to review this collection so HI.”

Star mentioned that when the whole scandal with Jaclyn Hill happened, he was “shook.” But people asked the reason Jeffree did not address anything at all or review her lipsticks. Well, it was because his dog, Diamond, had passed away a few days before the launch.

“I took a whole month off YouTube. So that’s why I didn’t review her lipsticks, fully transparent, let’s move on.”

Star went on to clarify that he and Jaclyn are acquaintances and they’ve met a few times at parties and other people’s events.

“We do text and enjoy each other’s company but this is a makeup review channel as well and you guys know I am a no-holds-barred type of person. I don’t care if your’re my best friend or my worst enemy; I review everything the same, with a clean slate. If you make something bomb, we’re gonna let everyone know about it.”

Jaclyn Cosmetics | Flash Highlighter Palettes

Holding up Jaclyn Cosmetics’ highlighter palettes, Jeffree pointed out that it is quite heavy. He said that the aesthetics of the packaging are very Jaclyn-like and “jewel inspired”.

 “It looks high-end and it does feel really nice.”

Opening up the flash palette, Jeffree added that it looks really pretty and Jaclyn’s design aesthetic is really pleasing.

However, Jeffree, upon reading the price point of $49 stated,

“Girl! That’s a little pricey! 49 dollars for four shades… Obviously, that’s a very luxury price point, kind of like, a little Tom Ford, Chanel moment.”


Swatching the product to get a feel of the texture, Jeffree commented,

“It’s more of a powdery dry-ish feeling and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It isn’t wet, it isn’t glittery. It feels nice, smooth. Oh wow, that does look blinding.”

Overall, Jeffree said that everything looked fine as the packaging looks sturdy, the pans are in there, and “literally nothing looks wrong with this.”

Applying them, Jeffree was ‘totes’ impressed. In his words,

“WOW, these are very, very blinding and I love a blinding highlight.”

Jaclyn Hill’s Beaming Light Loose Highlighters & brushes

Commenting on the packaging of the loose highlighters, Jeffree Star said it’s really cute and has a “frosted glass” feel.  These highlighters are for $24. Before trying out the highlight, Jeffree took out the Jaclyn Hill brushes too. Upon picking these, he said,

“These feel a little like, uhhh. Like b**** you’re Jaclyn Hill honey, I expected these to feel like a damn brick. So they do feel a little on the cheaper side but the quality is there I think.”

Jeffree opened up the product and was also impressed with the loose powder highlighter. “Ooh, it’s really soft.” Meanwhile, Jeffree’s friend applied the loose powder using the Jaclyn Hill highlighter brush and pointed out that it’s actually really nice.

Pointing out the difference between the first two reviewed highlighter formulas, he said that the loose powder gives a more “wet and pretty” look whereas the ‘flash’ palette was more of a “holy sh**! type beaming highlight.”

Jeffree Star Approved? Yassss!

Jaclyn Cosmetics | Mood Light Luminous Powder

Retailing for $32, these are one of the most hyped about highlighters in the Jaclyn Hill Highlight collection.


Swatching it, Jeffree Star stated that it is “very sheer!”

“The other two are so blinding it almost broke the camera, but this one is sheer. It’s alright, looks a bit chalky.”

He added that it has barely shine in it. But it would work as a setting powder of course.

Jeffree Star favorites from Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection

So… *drumrolls*…

Jeffree Star’s favorite from the whole collection are the Beaming Light Loose Highlighters!

These highlighters are ‘Jeffree Star Approved!

These little guys are amazing, I love how they look, they’re blinding, and I would definitely recommend them if you’re highlighting.”

Commenting on the other two products, Star said that the Flair palette is cute and he liked it but it’s nothing different from what is already in the market so he wouldn’t call it necessary.

Meanwhile, he found the Mood Light highlighter to be way too sheer for him.

About the brushes, he again added that he did not find them necessary either.

Here’s the bottom line. According to Jeffree Star, you need to surely get the Beaming Light Loose Highlighters because they are absolutely amazing.

Addressing The Tati Westbrook Palette

Jeffree Star, surprisingly, also addressed “not reviewing” the Tati Westbrook palette. because, (a) he is not on the PR list, (b) the palette is sold out so he cannot purchase it. Jeffree congratulated Tati on selling out and said he will review the palette when the palette will be back in stock.

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