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Henry Cavill Shares Workout Routine for ‘The Witcher’ Role

Man of Steel goes monster hunting.

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The star of Mission: Impossible 6 Fallout and DC’s Superman, Henry Cavill, will soon be seen monster hunting in the upcoming Netflix original series, The Witcher. The Man of Steel star will be embodying the role of Geralt and he’s putting-in a lot of effort on those workout routines.

Henry Cavill is playing Geralt in The Witcher

According to the executive producer, Tomasz Baginski, Cavilll went to great lengths for the role. The producer told Teleshow.

In Hungary, Henry Cavill spent weeks sleeping in a trailer right by the set. He didn’t go back to the hotel in Budapest which saved him an hour every day, but mostly it meant that during the whole time he was in the Witcher world. That doesn’t happen very often. Henry is a working actor, he knows what to do and he delivers fantastic scenes

Henry Cavill was not immediately hired.  Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the series producer, chose him after auditioning 207 actors. Cavill and Schmidt finally met in New York afterwards and the lead role was awarded to him.

That’s not all though, Henry Cavill had to put in a lot of hours into those workouts. Putting on that sort of muscle-mass requires hard-work and patience. Looks like he took the role of The Witcher very seriously.

The star of Batman vs Superman explained his workout routine as he sat down with Dave Rienzi and Mens Health team. Dave has been working with Henry Cavill since Superman and is also the strength and conditioning coach for Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson.

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The journey continues. Thank you to Mr Dave Rienzi for being such a wonderful guide. My physical journey over the years has been an interesting one, with plenty of pit falls and plenty of moments of reward. I've been reflecting on them a lot recently and I've been very fortunate to work with some fantastic minds. I'm thankful to them all. Recently I've been exploring some of the big players in bodybuilding, both from the past and the present. It's absolutely fascinating to see what they put themselves through, the drive and mental strength required to get to such a place physically. Phil Heath in particular has caught my eye not only for his achievements but also for his genuinely humble and informative approach to his messaging. All this while being a 7x Mr Olympia. If you haven't checked out his page it's worth a peek. @DaveRienzi @PhilHeath #GymStuff

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Henry praising his coach.

The Hectic Routine For the Workout

Henry Cavill starts off with fasted cardio, which is a great way to burn fat in less time. He would then slip-in a couple of routines involving heavy lifting, which is key for muscle hypertrophy.

While talking to Mens Health, he added:

Those are moves that we put into workouts, depending on which muscle group or muscle groups we’re working that particular day.

Henry Cavill’s The Witcher workout routine consists of complete body workouts that includes the core.

Talking about how the same exercise might produce different results for different body-types, Henry Cavill added:

Everyone has a different genetic makeup, everyone is at a different stage of fitness or training or even has different amount of calories going. So you do you, and make sure that every workout is as hard as you can do it.

If you want a physique like Henry Cavill, mix up your workout. Instead of focusing on just muscle group a day, try the upper and lower body splits. You can also follow some push and pull workout routines if you want to end up looking like Geralt from The Witcher.

The Witcher premieres on Netflix on December 20th. 2019.

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