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Black Adam Sequel Will Have Superman In It As Well

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Dwayne Johnson made a lengthy post on his Instagram when he first revealed that he will be Black Adam. One of the upcoming DCU projects includes building a story line for Shazam. This means that Black Adam needs to be introduced as an anti-hero in the plot. After “The Rock” announced that he signed up for the role, we discovered that there is another story at work as well. We think that Superman will be joining Black Adam in the sequel for the movie.

Superman To Feature In Black Adam 2

Shazam’s nemesis is coming to cinemas after two years. Dwayne Johnson is going to play Black Adam, a supervillain that looks exactly like Shazam, but is entirely negative. Clearly Warner Bros are looking to start a franchise built around the ruler of Kanhdaq.

It was first reported by WeGotThisCovered that Superman would appear in Black Adam 2. They have their sources who told them about Adam meeting Shazam in Shazam 3. Now the source claims that there is going to be a showdown between Clark Kent and Black Adam. Perhaps this also means that Superman is likely to feature as a cameo in the first part as well, just so they can build a story towards it. However, the article mentioned the fact how the role of Superman is a flux, only recently did it shift to Henry Cavill. Would he continue to be in the DCU or is DC bringing on a new face now?

Hawkman Arriving in DC Story line

Apart from Dwayne Johnson’s character meeting the Superman, there is one other hero that he must face prior to this. This is possibly why Superman’s appearance in the first solo movie is not confirmed. This is because Black Adam will be taking on Hawkman in his first solo flick. This news, apparently, is not new to us. However, there are rumours about Stargirl coming to the movie as well, but that seems farfetched.

So, if you want to see the supervillain Adam take on Superman, you first have to wait till 2021 and watch him battle Hawkman.

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