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Evangeline Lilly Was About To Retire

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Popular actress Evangeline Lilly almost took retirement from Hollywood after her movie ‘Real Steel’ with Hugh Jackman. But even when she had given up her acting career, something made her come back. And that was definitely a good day for the film industry. Before working on Real Steel, Evangeline Lilly was playing Kate Austen on ABC television series ‘Lost’. This might be her most popular work, but probably also the reason why she decided to quit acting.

Recently, Evangeline Lilly shared with a reporter the reason why she backed out of Hollywood initially. She said,

I was instantly launched into international stardom, and that was really uncomfortable for me. I instantly balked, didn’t know how to deal with it and felt very uncomfortable after that situation. I ended up deciding to retire after I finished ‘Lost.’

When Lost ended in 2010, and her movie ‘Real Steel’ in 2011, Lilly moved to Hawaii. For two years, the actress led a quiet life focusing on raising her two sons. She also became a part of a few writing projects, and even published a children’s book. Even though she had almost ended her career in Hollywood after disappearing for two straight years, Evangeline Lilly returned to the big screens. This was when she was offered a role in ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’ by Peter Jackson. This offer lured her back into Hollywood, and marks the revival of her career.

Evangeline Lilly shared that coming back and accepting Jackson’s offer was surely a good decision. And that she had a really wonderful time shooting the movie. About her experience in the film, she shared that,

I made a decision and I decided to go do the film. I had a wonderful time making that movie: One of the highlights in my life was living in New Zealand for that year and being a part of that family. That helped opened my eyes to the fact that, okay, this job can be a joy, it’s just a matter of how you approach it, and what you do with it, how much I put myself out there, and to a certain degree, how much I work.

After shooting Hobbit, Evangeline Lilly was unsure whether she should go back to her retirement decision. But before she could, Lilly got offered a role from Marvel. And that one surely is tough for anybody to decline.About this Wasp offer from Marvel, she revealed that,

I was finishing press for ‘The Hobbit’, that’s when I got the call from Marvel, and I thought, ‘I just need to either draw a very firm line in the sand and say I’m done, or I need to just make my peace with the thing, find a way to be happy and do it in a way that makes me feel comfortable and satisfied.’ So that’s what I ended up deciding.

She accepted the role, and ended up playing ‘Wasp’ in the Ant-Man. Let’s also note that Lilly’s Wasp character is the first female one to headline a Marvel film.

Evangeline Lilly is still facing the challenges of being a working mother in Hollywood. And she admits that being a working mom is tough. But we are all so glad that one of our favorites came out of temporary retirement, and back on the screens!

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