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‘The Knight Before Christmas’ Review: Official Netflix Entry For Hallmark Awards

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There was a time when Christmas movies were actually good. But now all we’ve got is the same prince, his generic love interest and a happy ending. Not that this formula doesn’t work. Good dialogues, good chemistry and just a little bit of effort can do wonders for a film. However, the problem is that no one is even trying anymore. All the recent Christmas movies that I’ve seen are exact copies of each other with a different cast. But that’s also not the case nowadays because Vanessa Hudgens is in every shitty Christmas movie now. She’s become the staple for Christmas movies and I’m not sure if that really is something an actor should have in their credentials. A good actor that is. It was only a few days ago that another Vanessa Hudgens Christmas movie, The Princess Switch, came out and though it’s not any different, I appreciate the effort they put in the name – The Knight Before Christmas. Whoever is naming the romcoms at Netflix should get a raise. Their pun game is strong.

Everything Good About The Knight Before Christmas

Josh Whitehouse. He is the sole reason why you’d want to continue watching the movie for 1 hour and 30 minutes. He’s playing a knight and thank heavens he’s British because I would’ve probably lost it if they had cast an American actor. I mean if the character is British at least the actor playing that character should be British too. Also, no offense but Americans are bad at British accents.

It’s the bits with Josh Whitehouse that you will actually enjoy. The story revolves around the medieval knight who, for reasons unknown to science and only explainable by the Christmas spirit, time travels to the present age. Here he meets Vanessa Hudgens’ character, she teaches him the way of the world and they’re in love. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the movie basically.

Everything Wrong

I feel like because I’ve only listed one good thing about The Knight Before Christmas, I should probably go on a rant about all the things that went wrong. But honestly, there’s nothing wrong with the movie. The only thing wrong with it is the pattern they’re based on. The Knight Before Christmas is like any other Hallmark movie. It’s predictable, easy to understand and cheesy. Literally, when you watch these movies you feel like the budget was 500$ which it probably was.

Watch it or Nah?

The Knight Before Christmas is not the movie I would recommend someone to watch. But if you’re sitting on day and it’s cold outside, and you’re bored with nothing else to do. But then all of a sudden The Knight Before Christmas pops up on your Netflix feed, I’d say hit that play button. Because even though it’s not the best movie out there. It’s also not the worst. Despite the predictability, it’s still sweet. Silly but sweet.

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