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Chris Brown Arrested Again and He’s Still Popular

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Singer Chris Brown was taken into police custody right after he finished his concert in Florida. Apparently, Chris Brown had a gig in West Palm Beach when he was arrested. However, the police did not know exactly why he was arrested. But people were informed that there was a warrant for his arrest in a nearby county. As soon as he finished his show, he was taken into the police cruiser that had already been waiting for him.

Once in his prison, Chris Brown posted a $2000 bond, and was released. Soon after his release, he updated his official Instagram account. The latest post was a picture of the singer on the stage. And it was captioned, “What’s NEW????? Show tomorrow!!!”

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What’s NEW?????? Show tomorrow!!!! ❤️

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1 Chris Brown’s Previous Crimes

Even though the singer is fairly popular and currently on his Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour, his previous records are not very impressive. Previously, Chris Brown has been found guilty of assaulting renowned celebrity Rihanna. This harassment took place after a pre-Grammys party in 2009. When found guilty on the charges, Chris Brown faced some serious consequences. He was on probation for 5 years, had to attend a year of domestic violence counseling. He also performed six months of community service. Not just this, a restraining order was issued asking him to maintain a 50 yard distance from Rihanna at all occasions. Except for public events when it was supposed to be 10 yards.

2 What’s Wrong With All of This

What needs attention here is that a male singer, with such a past record still has a tremendously huge fan following and will still buy the tickets for his shows. Even though Chris Brown has been convicted for assaulting a female singer, proving him as an abuser, nothing has changed much for him. He continues to enjoy support from the vast majority, and even make money out of it. In times where movements like MeToo and TimesUp are progressing, so many abusers out there are still unbothered. So, are these movements just a bunch of women protesting, or do they really mean anything? That’s probably too hard to determine since we as a society tend to forget injustice too quickly.

3 We Need to Prioritize Again

We need to realize why the movement started and the significance it holds for us. It made powerful men who exploit the weak and desperate accountable for their actions.Hence, hundreds of victims came out with their stories and ensured the abusers didn’t still enjoy their freedom. That’s why everyone was in favor of this movement. It wasn’t just women protesting and sharing their stories, it was a proper movement where practical action was taken and executed. I ask the world why did we exempt Chris Brown from being held accountable for his literally criminal actions. It might not be the same act that others in the MeToo movement are speaking of, but assault is assault.

Recently, a woman who wished to keep her identity secret came out and said that Chris Brown imprisoned her in his house where his friend raped her. Even on incident is a surefire way of knowing what some powerful men are capable of doing. We must not stop holding these men accountable.

Recently, he was arrested for rape charges in Paris. Read the full story here.

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