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Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck | Best Meme Reactions

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When you want to design a truck that can take a hit, but it turns out to be some kind of an MS Paint sketch by a 10-year-old! Elon Musk might have seen this coming when he first saw the prototype. He absolutely must have thought about it just once when he saw the vehicle for the first time. Yet, he went on to introduce us to his… masterpiece. The boss of SpaceX and Tesla revealed Tesla’s Cybertruck that would take its rank among other electric cars by Tesla. However, all Musk is getting from the audience and the Internet is memes and a lot of them.

Elon Musk’s Tesla launches Cybertruck

Guys, you might have to watch the video of Tesla’s Cybertruck launch by CNET before you scroll down to get some memes:

Why did Elon Musk approve of this design, you ask? Well, he did say that he wanted to make an exoskeleton design that could take a beating. To be honest, if you are in need of a car that in today’s world which can take a beating, you will get something similar to this. Exoskeleton designs are just this, simple, angled, bland.

We forgot to mention, also the car is also inspired from a child’s MS Paint project of drawing a car.

According to this Twitter user, Musk added marble dashboards to this Cybertruck by Tesla. But we think this is only textures because Tesla designs one of the safest cars in the world. However, the picture tells a different story:

Speaking of safest, what happened to that glass window? Now this is some epic meme material right here:


People couldn’t help but relate Tesla’s newest electric car with Apple phones:

The car is basically shaped like a pentagon… and now even you can’t unsee it:

I’m gonna tell my kids memes had a crossover with Tesla’s Cybertruck. Surely, Elon Musk could have seen this:

Yes, we all saw that look on Musk’s face when that glass window shattered and cracked. He must have been like “damn, the show must go on”

We don’t think Tesla would launch a better version of the car anytime soon. Exoskeletal frames are usually this…”polygonish”. All the more fun for us meme-makers!

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