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Erika Costell Talks Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau & Team 10

Calm down internet, there was no shade

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If there is one thing I got to know about Erika Costell after her interview with Joe Ward, it’s that she’s a really hard-working businesswoman. Another thing I found out was that she does not like drama. Yes, the Victoria Secret model is not about that drama life. While talking to Ward, the model and Youtube star discussed everything. That includes her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul and his new wife Tana Mongeau. Erika also shared her experience with the Team 10 house in its initial days.

Erika Costell Shares How She Met Jake Paul

Since Erika Costell was such an important member of the Team 10 house, everyone was curious to know how they met.

The model shares candidly that she met Jake Paul at her friend’s app launch party. The two met and she got a job at Paul’s media company:

One of my friends was launching an application and he just introduced us. I met Jake I was like ‘oh yeah I know how to do this this this and this’. I didn’t really know how to do it. But I like taught myself how to do it. And then we worked every day together for like two years on everything.

Costell Recalls The Good Times of Team 10’s Startup Days

For those of you who don’t know, Team 10 wasn’t always Team 10. It was actually called Ten Digit Media. And at the start, there weren’t many people in it. You’d also be surprised to know that there was virtually no vlogging in its initial days.

Erika shares that Jake always imagined the Team 10 house to be what it was now. But back then they were more focused on tracking the analytics of the people associated with the company:

There was no YouTube. There’s no vlog so it was way different they were just vine. Instagram was super important. They were posting Facebook videos making sure the right people collaborate and post.

Though, Erika also talked about how at the start-up days of the media company, it was just her and Jake Paul doing all the work:

I really believed in it and like the way he saw things, I got it – Then obviously [Team 10] got bigger like Nick Crompton people like that came in. Other people came in. But at the beginning it was just Jake and I.

The Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Shade

If anyone has any idea about Team 10, Jake Paul or Tana Mongeau, you would know that the controversy follows them everywhere. Though, Erika Costell is not the one to be in favor of drama or shade. Some people think that she shaded Jake’s marriage to Tana. The media news covering it has led to Tana Mongeau voicing her anger at it.

In reality, Costell just shared how her own fake marriage with Jake Paul was merely a comedy skit to get views. Erika Costell called that incident familiar to what Jake was doing with Tana Mongeau but she didn’t outright discredit their marriage.

Personally, Erika likes to keep her life drama-free:

 I don’t use controversy yeah – I just try to stay out of it I don’t feel good about it and I think that’s the biggest thing for me is back then it was like oh numbers like do anything to get numbers. Now I’m at a point where I’m like I don’t need to do that and I want to feel good and confident in like right about what I’m putting out into the world.

When Joe Ward mentioned how Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are huge stars as well and they don’t need to do all these things to get attention like getting married for views, Costell commented:

I think they like the controversy. I think it like gets them going. Like I don’t I really don’t know because I don’t do it but to each their own.

Erika Shares Why Tana and Jake Would Like Controversy

Though, Erika Costell recalled her old days at the Team 10 house to explain why someone would want to be surrounded by controversy all the time:

Back then it was nice to always wake up and have instant gratification. And I think what they’re doing is instant. Obviously that feels good to see the numbers and the headlines and like all that kind of stuff but how long can you do that for before it gets old?

She did mention how the process of doing things to get ‘clout’ or attention by posting clearly fake stories can get boring and repetitive.

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