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Tana Mongeau | Tired Of Dark Side Of Celebrity Life

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We all know Tana Mongeau is famous for her ‘exaggerated’ storytelling and attention-grabbing stunts. The American YouTube personality keeps playing with fire and often faces the flames from her ‘fans’ who catch her ‘lies.’ Previously, she tried hosting her own convention the ‘Tanacon’ which turned into a huge disaster. Her previous open relationship and following breakup with Bella Thorne is another popular controversial topic. She is also an MTV Reality Show Star on ‘Tana Turns 21’ that broadcasts her drama-filled life.

More recently, Tana Mongeau got ‘married ‘ to Jake Paul at a (quoted by the couple) $500,000 wedding. Even the wedding reeked of more drama which many believe was staged. In fact, it later surfaced that the marriage was not binding by a legal license. So, of course, Tana was doubted and hated for a marriage that many believe is ‘entirely fake’. But true Tana Fans still stan their queen.

Tana Mongeau snapped & said “f*** this shit”

It seems like Tana is starting to get ‘DONE’ with the media and how it highlights her failures that seem like lies to some.

Here’s what she just tweeted to let out some steam (it’s PG-rated):

“according to tana mongeau, the media can suck a d*** sometimes. waking up every day to headlines like this is so defeating. not asking for pity, knowing i subjected myself to this. this life has cons due to the incredible pros- but according to tana mongeau, f*** this shit.”

This isn’t an out-of-the-blue scenario. Tana actually responded to J-14, a celebrity gossip magazine that made a comment on her marriage, which just blew Tana off the edge.

Tana calls out her haters and ‘bad press’

If you thought the first tweet was all, there is more. But Tana does talk sense sometimes and this time she spoke wisely, and from her heart.

She talked about the good press as well as the bad and how she understands that people always doubt her.

“I understand me even tweeting this sh** is unfair. I just guess I wish people understood what it’s like to be in my shoes. Call our marriage whatever you want-“

Did she just admit her mistakes & regrets?

Bella Thorne’s ex, Tana Mongeau went on to say that no matter what people think or say about her ‘fake’ marriage, the fact is that she ‘loves’ Jake.

She also let herself vent out about her ‘dumb’ mistakes and the fact that her entire life is for the whole world to see. Tana added that she knows she, herself, signed up for this public life.  Yet she is tired because everything on the media does get to her.

We feel for Tana, despite the stunts she pulls- nobody deserves to feel so bad and exhausted. Even public figures aren’t superhumans, they feel emotions anyone else would.

Maybe the MTV Reality Show Star is starting to grow up into a more sensible, mature person. We can see that.

“Maybe I’m an idiot for it & maybe all of my dumb mistakes are being aired as they happen in real life & that sucks. I know once again I signed up for all of this..  I guess I’m just tired and don’t want y’all to think I’m ignoring what I see everywhere”


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