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Breaking Down Ian Somerhalder’s V-Wars Trailer

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Ian Somerhalder, the famous Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, is returning to the TV screens with another vampire project. However, things are different this time. Because Ian is not a vampire in this series. He is the doctor in it. Moreover, Ian Somerhalder is also one of the Directors and Executive Producers of V-Wars. That’s 3x trouble right there. As if that was not enough, the show is presented by Netflix. And we all know what that means. We’ll be getting all the 10 episodes dropped on us at once on the V-Wars release date: December 5, 2019.

In fact, Netflix dropped the official trailer a couple of days back. Let’s break it down.

Ian Somerhalder as Dr. Do Little, No! sorry, Dr. Luther Swann in V-Wars

The notorious Salvatore brother is joining the Netflix family as Dr. Luther Swann in V-Wars this time. In Netflix’s own words:

We need your help, Doctor Swann.  @IanSomerhalder is bringing the fight to the vampire hordes, and the V Wars are just beginning.

Dr. Swann is here to save the day. But the V-Wars trailer was showing something else..right?

When the news of “Vampire killings” in Upstate New York breaks on television, Dr. Swann is called for help.

We need you doctor. All the victims have been missing a lot of blood.

(No shit Sherlock). Dr. Swann (Ian Somerhalder) performs some tests in the lab and results shock him. He informs others about the results: a modified virus is causing DNA transformations, turning humans into vampires. (nice, there are no *Original* vampires appearing then? *Pun intended.*)

While he is still at it, Somerhalder gets a call from his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) who is infected with the virus.

An Ex-Vampire’s BFF Becomes A Vampire

We have to agree, the lead characters casting in super-interesting. I mean, Netflix had us sold already at “Ian Somerhalder working on V-Wars”. But V-Wars is more than that and we love all the deets so far.

So, Michael Fayne calls Ian Somerhalder and tells him about the tragedy.

I don’t know what I’ve become.

Dr. Swann meets him in person and tells him he’ll find a cure for the disease. (hoping that cure has nothing to do with the one found in The Vampire Diaries).

Ian Somerhalder Gets The Warning

While he is trying to save his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), Dr. Swann gets the warning that the man he knew is gone. (Translation: give up buddy! You cannot save him.)

But, Ian Somerhalder does not give up on him. The killings continue, and Fayne joins the vampire league.

My people and I are not terrorists, and as much right to live as anyone else. As horrible as it will be, this war is also necessary. Blood nation will prevail.

The infection starts spreading faster than their expectations. Vampires turn others into vampires, expanding their family.

Someone Fed On Ian Somerhalder In V-Wars?

Ian Somerhalder and a lady vampire are shown together, where Ian is telling the vampire that he is a doctor and he can make her feel better. The lady vampire, on the contrary, has other plans as she needs to feed. However, what happens next is still a question that will be answered after V-Wars is released. The second-last scene of the trailer shows Ian Somerhalder screaming, and…mmm…he is bleeding? Was he attacked by a vampire or was he screaming due to rage and helplessness after fighting with a vampire? The V-Wars release will answer all of these questions.

The last scene does show Ian Somerhalder giving up on saving Vampires/Victims. Instead of helping a victim bitten by a vampire, Ian shoots him saying “I am a doctor”.

Nikki Reed’s Cameo Appearance?

Throughout the promotions of V-Wars and even in the credited cast members, there is no sign of Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder’s wife and an ex-vampire from the Twilight Alumni. However, fans cannot believe Netflix and Somerhalder kept it a secret until the trailer was out. Netflix, you cheeky thing.

There is no official confirmation yet. 2 weeks to go when we will finally get to see Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder together in a show? Really?

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