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Huawei Surpasses Google | Offers $220,000 to Identify Zero-Click bug!

Your Android phone is just a call away from being hacked..

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Huawei just beat Google in the process of rewarding hackers for identifying the Zero-click bug in it’s latest line up of Android-based smartphones, including the Mate, P, Y9, Nova and Honor series. The company is offering to pay $220,000 for the task.

Huawei is on a Bug-hunt

In an event a few days ago, The Chinese tech giant said that they are willing to pay $220,000 for identifying a weakness in the latest line up Huawei phones. The bug, known as Zero-click, allows attackers to silently install spyware just by placing a video call to a target’s phone. In comparison, Google offers up-to $200,000 for displaying similar threats on it’s Pixel phone series.

The event took place at a private gathering that saw a line-up of worlds top Android hackers in Munich, Germany. While explaining, Huawei told the professional hackers that in order to be eligible for the task, they will have to gain remote access of the device without the target (Huawei phone user) having to click anything. Ultimately, taking full control of the device without the user’s knowledge.

Maria Markstedter (Forbes 30 under 30  Alum), was among those invited. She revealed on Twitter.

According to a hacker, French researcher Robert Baptiste, present at the event; Huawei isn’t opening up its own HarmonyOS as it is for Android. Praising the pay-out he said.

The payouts are interesting, they are aligned with the Apple bug bounty. So I’ll give it a look but I’m not excited, just interested.

From grabbing big chunks of market share to now paying hackers with hundreds of thousands of dollars, Huawei seems to be challenging Google in almost every way.

In this age of vulnerability, such bug-bounties will ultimately benefit the user. Well, I hope so.

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