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Watch a Twitch Streamer Lose $5000 After a loss in Pokemon Shield

Let's catch a Shiny one!

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Jeremy Wang aka DisguisedToast, decided to challenge himself in-front of live audience. If he failed, the Twitch streamer promised to give away $5000 worth of subscriptions to his channel. The goal? To catch a rare variant of Wooloo, a Pokemon that resembles a sheep. It seems like a pretty simple task for Wang, who is known for his skills in games like Teamfight Tactics and Hearthstone but he was in for a surprise.
Watch Trying out new Heroes – Shiny Hunt later from DisguisedToast on www.twitch.tv

Twitch streamer Tries to Catch a Shiny Pokeman.

He began the hunt through the lush hills as he bragged about it. The Twitch streamer jokingly said:

Today’s goal is simple, chat. Very simple. All we gotta do is catch ourselves one of them shiny Pokemons. It’s very easy to do. What you do is you just keep killing Wooloos over and over again… So much Wooloos, chat. We’re gonna get a shiny Pokémon in no time.

The experienced Twitch gamer also acknowledged that the task of catching this rare Pokemon might take a while but then he boasts again, thinking his expertise might help him catch one in no time.

The difference here is, I specialize in RNG games, so I have an inherent advantage.

On the first day, Twitch streamer spent almost 6 hours but all in vain. He began the second day with great optimism.

I am confident that we will eventually end up with a shiny Wooloo, I just don’t know when that’s gonna be.

The Twitch streamer also made a prophecy. He knows people are going to laugh when they see the over-confidence in the beginning.

Somebody is gonna watch this. They’re gonna watch the beginning and see my optimism. They’re gonna laugh and think ‘He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.’

15 hours into the Twitch stream, Wang finally gave up.

I don’t want to give up. As long as I don’t end the stream, I technically have not given up. Man, I’m never gonna be able to look at sheep the same way again.

The Twitch gamer added, with sleepy tone of resignation.

I’ll gift out the subs. I’ll gift out the subs. Alright chat, 1,000 subs incoming.

Wang went on to distribute 1000 subscriptions that accumulate to around $5000.

I think Mr. Wang needs a little more time with Pokemon before he challenges himself in front of live audience again.

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