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The Final Trailer For The Irishman Out Now

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Netflix has proven its credibility time and again. The streaming platform has proved that even though it does shell out some really mediocre shows, *cough* Insatiable *cough*, it also is capable of making really good content. And among that good content is Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. It really came as a surprise when everyone first heard that the legendary director would be doing a film for a streaming platform. But here we are. Only a few days before the release of the movie on Netflix. The Irishman is already screening in select theaters.

The Irishman is what Cinema really is

The movie is very much hyped and right fully so. It’s directed by one of the most talented directors out there and has an impeccable cast. The cast includes legends like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin and Bobby Cannavale. That’s too much talent and too many Oscars for one film. By the look of the first trailer, The Irishman seemed like an ode to the Godfather series. And according to the critics who’ve actually managed to see the film, it is an ode and also so much more.

The movie is has received a lot of praise from the critics and from the select people who got to watch it when it released in selected cinema’s on November 1st. The Guardian has called the movie,

Of course, Scorsese delivers a stunning gangster flick, but The Irishman is so much more.

Also, another review called Irishman Martin Scorsese’s best work in 30 years. The is being praised as well and the guardian went so far as to say that The Irishman is Robert De Niro’s career best performance.

The Final Trailer is Out

After all this hype, we can barely wait for the movie to drop on Netflix so that we can stream it. Netflix has fueled this tension by releasing another trailer for the movie before it’s release. However, its the final trailer, so we guess we won’t be teased anymore about the movie. Now we just wait for The Irishman to release on Netflix.

The Irishman releases on November 27 on Netflix. You can catch the final trailer below.

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