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Is This The Final Season for ‘Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia’?

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The never ending, rock-solid sitcom reached the end of its Fourteenth season (14th Season) last night. Although It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia aired its season-ending episode, this might not be its final season yet. The last episode was a one-hour grand finale and stars are hopeful it will carry on. This season makes FX’s show tie equally with Ozzie and Harriet regarding the run time. Is the show ever going to end? Let us take a look!

The Final Season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Briefly stated, we do not think so! A few days ago Kaitlin Olson sat down with The Hollywood Reporter and talked about a possible ending of the longest-running TV show:

“It’s so much fun. I don’t think we really ever want to stop doing it. It’s very easy for me to say because I don’t produce the show; I don’t write it, I don’t edit it. So, it’s two and a half months out of the year commitment, so I would do it forever. It’s more about whether Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day feel like they want to jump right back into the writers room, and Glenn Howerton. It’s a lot. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to make really great, quality episodes and sometimes you need a little bit of a break. But hopefully we’ll take a break and come back.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia made its debut in 2005, and ever since not even its inappropriate punchlines and plots are successful in putting a stop to it. Kaitlin tried to explain why they are able to get away with this:

 “We started doing this 15 years ago, and not a lot of people were doing it and I think the reason we get away with it is because we are clearly not advocating for this behavior. We’re very clearly calling this behavior out as ludicrous and because we are really pointing out — making fun of sounds mean — but I think we really are making fun of extremes on all sides.”

FX’s TV show airs every Wednesday at 10 p.m. As of now, there are no announcements of the show coming back for season 15. However, watch the trailer of season 14 for those of you who need to start watching the show:

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