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No, Liza Koshy and Zac Efron Aren’t Dating

Just Workout Buddies

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Zac Efron, the famous singer, actor and now a YouTuber, is having fun with his YouTube segment: Gym Time. His YouTube has two segments: Gym Time, where he works out with celebrities, athletes and interesting people. While; the other segment is: Off The Grid, where he shares his travel adventures. That is why seeing Zac Efron and Liza Koshy together really reminded us that these both are very much single. However, they are not dating. Zac and Liza worked out together as a “couple/partners” for the Gym Time.

Zac Efron & Liza Koshy Make A Good Workout Couple

The video starts with both Zac Efron and Liza Koshy praising each other and appreciating their work. They start the workout with I.T Band Roll Out, which is performed by using a foam roller to stretch and massage the IT band and hip muscles. Next, John Gaines (Trainer) joins them to guide them through the partner workout. You do not really need a spouse or boyfriend, girlfriend to perform it. All you need is another person to join you for the workout.

Zac Efron and Liza Koshy perform 10 reps of Partner Plank claps. They did it smoothly, however; you can tell these exercises are not easy. The next workout is called side plank claps, where the partners are back-to-back and have their bodies raised from the ground using one hand. They have to clap in that position both at the top and bottom of the arranged position. (the description sounds weird, watch it here).

Partner Glute Up, Alternating Lunges, Ropes, and a stability ball are the next workouts and they both continue with it like professionals.

Random Questions & Random Answers

While Liza Koshy tests her balancing skills on a stability ball, Zac Efron asks her random questions. Liza Koshy’s best friend is her 63-year-old mother. In response to a question “what social stigma the society needs to get over”, Liza said:

Fear of non-acceptance. I believe that we should be in a place or i hope that society gets to a place where you are accepting of all cultures and beliefs and love.

While answering for her favorite actor, Liza Koshy said she likes the one who played Ted Bundy. (which is Zac Efron, nice move Liza).

When it was Zac Efron’s turn to answer the questions, the only shocking answer was: he cannot dance. We might get another video of Zac Efron and Liza Koshy doing Zumba soon.

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    friends:*makes a workout video together*


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