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Let it Snow Review: A Perfect Movie to Awaken the Christmas Spirit

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The moment November begins, the Christmas season starts. I don’t make the rules here. It’s just how it is. And once you watch the new Netflix teenage rom-com Let it Snow, you’re going to want to start decorating your Christmas tree. I know I did and I’m not even from the part of the world that celebrates Christmas.

Let it Snow: The Perfect Mix of Romance and Christmas

I feel like I’ve said Christmas way too many times now,  but that’s what Let it Snow is about. It’s a Christmas movie about Christmas and its perfect to watch while you’re in bed enjoying leftover pie from Christmas. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m aiming to break the record for how many times you can say Christmas in one sentence.)

Let it Snow is based on a YA novel of the same name that was actually written by three well-known authors (Maureen JohnsonLauren Myracle, and John Green). Each author narrated the story of a couple and what goes on in their life on the same day. Now you must be wondering why I haven’t started complaining about how the film adaptation was not true to the book. Well for one, I didn’t really like the book and two, the movie really is better than the book. Didn’t really think the time would come and I’d actually say that, but here we are.

Anyways, the film follows the same anthology-like structure as the book but brings it all together perfectly in the end. I’ve got to say I was very satisfied with the way it ended.

Kiernan Shipka and Mitchell Hope, The Best Friends to Lovers excellence

Let it Snow follows three storylines. One of which is the love story between Kiernan Shipka’s character Angie and Michell Hope’s Tobin. Now Angie and Tobin are best friends, but Tobin has got romantic feelings for Angie. He decides on confessing to her however she invites him to a college party and boom, we’ve got a love triangle now. Enter Matthew Noszka, who’s now in college and is super good looking and charming and practically perfect in every way.

Isabel Merced and Shameik Moore, The Singer and Not His Fan Excellence

Could you have imagined that there would come a time when you’d get to see Miles Morales from Spider-Verse romance Dora?!! Well, the time is here and that is our second couple from Let it Snow. Isabel Merced plays Julie who’s gotten into Columbia University but can’t go because who will take care of her mom then! She, by chance, runs into an upcoming popstar Stuart Bale, played by Shameik Moore, on a train, they eat waffles together and fall in love. Nothing new, but still sweet.

The Gay Couple, For the Sake of Diversity

I hate it when gay couples are only used because the movie or book wants to show itself as accepting of diversity. However, this wasn’t the case in Let it Snow. The only LBGTQ couple in Let it Snow of Liv Hewson and Anna Akana. I had the most fun watching their romance play out. Liv Hewson as Dorrie was perfect as a girl in love with another girl trying to act all confident when everyone knows she’s really the chaotic gay. Trust me, the scenes with Liv and Anna were the best.

The Fat and Happy Friend Because a YA is Not Complete Without One

I love Jacob Batalon but can he please not be cast as the comedic relief. I love how he’s always so natural and how he makes you long for a friend like him. But I’d really like it if his character arc was more than just a friend who’s there to advise the main leads.

Why Let it Snow Works

When you think of Christmas movies, Hallmark movies always come to your mind. They’re cheap, cheesy yet they’re perfect for Christmas. Let it Snow is also like a Hallmark movie. It’s low budgeted, with the most random cast ever and it’s about Christmas. But it works. I didn’t feel like I had wasted an hour and a half on a relentlessly cheesy movie. Let it Snow is genuine. Mostly with YA movies, it’s mostly an adults perspective of a teenager. In Let it Snow’s case, the movie genuinely feels like a YA movie. You’ve got teenagers, who look like teenagers for once, and they’ve got teen problems. But then they’re also given depth and nuance, which though was not enough but an appropriate amount considering the plot of the film.

Should You or Should You Not?

Go for it. Let it Snow is a perfect watch for Christmas morning. I’m rating Let it Snow a 10 on a scale of Hallmark movies.

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