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Melissa McCarthy As Ursula | The Little Mermaid Live Action Movie Release Near?

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There were mixed reactions when Disney fans got the news that Halle Bailey would play as Mermaid in Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid. But many supported her as well such as Alyssa Milano and Halle Barry. Though, today we are focusing on Ursula’s role. Now, there are rumors that Melissa McCarthy will star as sea witch Ursula. With all these speculations going on and rumors falling in and out, what do we really know about this Disney movie?

The Little Mermaid Release Date

For now, there is no confirmation about its release date. In fact, the movie is in its pre-production phase, filming and production will start in April 2020. That means that the movie can either come to cinemas by the end that year or even in 2021. That is indeed a long time.

Melissa McCarthy As Ursula? Who Else Is In It?

Right now, we are not even sure about Melissa McCarthy. We are relying on speculations and little hints she gave us a few months back on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You can watch that clip here:

Moreover, if you check out IMDB, even they have displayed Melissa McCarthy on the cast list of the live-action The Little Mermaid. Now, we know that this can change at any time, yet it also means that rumors are really strong with this one.

Apart from McCarthy, Halle Bailey would be playing the main role of Ariel, but we already know that by now.


Deadline reported that Awkwafina and Jacob Tremblay will play the role of Ariel’s friends Flounder and Scuttle as voice stars.

Next, Jonah Hauer-King would play as Prince Eric whereas, Javier Bardem would be Ariel’s father. King Triton.

How Will Live-Action Differ From Classic Disney Movie?

Well, for starters Halle Bailey looks different from the Ariel that we have grown up seeing. For better or for worse, that discussion is irrelevant. However, let’s appreciate the fact that Bailey would be the first colored person to play a role that was originally white in animations. It was the other way around because Hollywood had a huge whitewashing problem.

Looking at Melissa McCarthy, there were originally mixed opinions when the rumors first broke the internet. According to Buzzfeed, some people wanted Ursula to be played by a person with color. They basically claimed that Disney did the opposite of what they wanted from the movie. However, Disney cannot be bothered by the opinion of a few, we believe. Right now, there are only talks that McCarthy is close to signing with Disney for the movie, there are no official announcements yet.

Who Is Directing?

Rob Marshall is the person you are looking for. He has worked on Into the Woods, Marry Poppins Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He is also the man who directed Oscar-winning Chicago. Lin-Manuel Miranda Marshall, John DeLuca, and Marc Platt are sharing the production roles.

It is said that Disney will opt for a CGI effect to make the movie look like it was shot underwater. Shooting a whole movie underwater is difficult, as Sophia Coppola told The Wrap. Hence, it would be more convenient to use lighting and effects for an immersive marine environment.

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