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Happy 4th of July Tweets Remind Us Of American Values

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As we all know, everyone in America is feeling uncertain about the future of the country. Recent events such as Trump’s executive order separating children from their immigrant families, Alex Jones rather ridiculously calling for a second world war, there’s a lot to divide America. The minority groups are especially suffering because not only are these sentiments verbally abusive, talks are being held to make them legally binding rules that disadvantage these minority groups. People were tweeting Happy 4th of July and sharing their thoughts on what America stood for in the first place and the core American values.

Many are tweeting to specifically make the ostracized feel more included.

Twitter is a great place for everyone to quell any fear of a second civil war by writing fictional letters and allowing everyone of us to have a laugh, here are some of the most funniest ones!

Happy fourth of July; it is celebrated this time with a special mention to the voices that have been lost in the midst of bigotry and confusion. Here’s a list of tweets that may tell us that the lost values of America aren’t lost entirely.

Ellen DeGeneres, America’s sweetheart and one of the most beloved hosts of our screens shared this heartwarming tweet on the happy 4th that talks about how this country is not just White Americans but everyone!

American Novelist David Leavitt also reminded everyone what true Americans are made of.

Message of Unity in American Values

Former President hints at a message of unity rather than division and that’s something we could all learn from!

How we should try to be if we want to be better people!

These are the American values lost, perhaps we can be adopt them yet again.

Music producer Roger Gold mentioned a tribute to a very famous immigrant, Alexander Hamilton, who made America great then!

And to sum it all up, this true American talked about the core values America stands for. It’s a Happy 4th of July indeed.

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