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Joey Chestnut: Our New Favorite Athlete

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Joey Chestnut has officially won over our hearts as the most favorite athlete of all times. And there is absolutely no reason to disagree with that one. The man actually broke his own records. He defeated 20 other contestants by downing 74 hot dogs this Wednesday. With that, Joey Chestnut set up a new high-mustard mask at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

This time it was not as easy for Joey Chestnut. Apparently, there was a controversy during the results which could’ve made him lose. The official tally for the contest had him at 64 hot dogs. But he claimed that he had devoured 74. Since Chestnut kept insisting, the judges went for a recount. It found out that indeed the man had eaten as much as he claimed. Even when the television counter kept it at 64, in reality, Joey Chestnut had been eating out of 2 plates. Something that the judges missed, and led to the confusion.

During this ten-minute contest, Joey Chestnut immediately got the lead by eating 20 franks and buns in just 3 minutes. While he made the record at 74 hot dogs, his second competitor had 64, and the third one closed in on 43. This year Joey Chestnut broke his own record that he made last year by eating 72 hot dogs.

It must have been hard, but Joey Chestnut was extremely proud and happy once he had done it. He shared,

I’m swea​t​ing like a dog, so it’s not pretty, but I’m happy.

When asked what he needs next, his response was ‘A nap’. And is that not life goals for everyone? Eat as much as you can, and then nap!

Obviously, people are going crazy over this hero on Twitter. He’s the most famous and loved athlete right now, and many don’t even want arguments on this.


Some even claimed that the best basketball team-Warriors have taken Joey Chestnut on board with them.

Then we had a few patriotic people even add a 4th of July element to it!

Let’s hope that next year the hero can devour even more hot dogs, and break his own record again!

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