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Trisha Paytas’s roommate is Jason Nash’s look-alike?

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Trisha Paytas is causing somewhat of a stir and lots of speculation. This time it’s not about a feud with Gabbie Hanna or Jason Nash (directly) though. This is more of a ‘love is in the air’ scenario. For once, she is still silent on the matter. Well, there is a new guy (Jeff) in Trisha’s town, and he is becoming the talk of it too!

Jason Nash look-alike in Trisha’s life


Trisha Paytas has been posting lots of photos with this new man. Snuggling up close, embraced in tight hugs, casual days out, hanging out with friends…. the two seem super close.

In fact, word has it that Jeff is Trisha’s room-mate as well.

Some more digging

After some more Trisha stalking, we found that this guy isn’t exactly ‘new’. Trisha and him go a long way back but recently they re-connected. In fact, it was 10 years ago when they met on a then-popular platform, MySpace.

Here’s a confirmation


The last time Trish saw him was four years ago, and he has been her best-friend since she was only 18 years old.



Did Trisha Paytas get married to Jeff?

Fans are also speculating that this is the guy that she might have secretly married.

Well, we have no idea if she got married to him but she certainly moved in with him, or he moved in with her.

Trisha Paytas posted this photo with the caption:

“Long day of moving. Finally eating, I feel crazy after 13 hours 🤪 couldn’t have done it without this guy ❤️ @profondorosso91 🥰”


We don’t know his full name yet and even his Instagram is private. So the two are keeping it low-key (whatever ‘it’ may be).

Jason Nash resemblance

Everyone has noticed that Jeff looks strikingly similar to Trisha Paytas’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Nash.

Trisha had been extremely distraught following the breakup, but she seems so happy these days. In fact, we think she is glowing right next to this guy.

However, fans can’t help but comment on him being a Jason Nash look-alike.

Jason Nash Look Alike

Others are saying he is an ‘upgrade’

Not only is he better looking, but she does also seem happy and content.

Others made more interesting comparisons

Some think he looks like Channing Tatum

We find this one best! Apparently he looks like Jim from The Office.

The bottom line is: They look cute and happy together. Whether they’re married, best-friends, or lovers, we all agree that Trisha Paytas deserves consistency in her life and someone to bring out the positive side of her.

And considering how these two are solid for a decade, we hope that Jeff is here to stay.

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