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Tana Mongeau Isn’t On Board with Jake Paul’s Shocking Decision?

It involves abstinence..

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YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got “married” back in July. Since the two became life-partners, rumors surrounding the relationship’s legitimacy are in the high-light. The fans aren’t sure if the union is legit. Some say it’s a fake wedding. A recent tweet by Jake captioned “abstinence”, came as a surprise not only to the fans but Mongeau as well.

What’s the deal between Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul?

To add to the drama surrounding the latest Tweet, recent reveals about the current status of Jake Paul-Tana Mongeau’s relationship will leave you even more perplexed and confused.

In an interview with Zach Shang Show, she tries to explain why they don’t need to live together, even though she and Jake Paul are “married”.

Neither of us are really realistically fit in the place to be married right now.

Tana Mongeau explains why it’s good for the couple to live separately.

Jake lives in Calabasas in a house with like 35 f*cking people that all have like G7Xs and f*cking Joby tripods and I live with like seven stoners. Our worlds are very different in that regard.

Jake Paul and Tana’s relationship is more interesting than you think. While on an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jake admits that they don’t have any marriage license. This is how he is trying to explain it.

I think it happened so fast because we just wanted to do everything so fast, and I don’t think being married on paper is the same thing as just being married in general. I don’t think a paper means you’re married.

Jake, Has Jake Taken a Vow of Abstinence?

A recent tweet by Jake Paul was noticeable.


The post shows a gazillion fingers (Keemstar inspired?) pointing to one word, “abstinence(the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something, typically alcohol or sex).

Tana Mongeau replied with a crying emoji and I think the reaction makes some sense.

Now, I don’t know what is on Jake’s mind but if I go by the literal definition of the word, it is not good news for Tana Mongeau. She probably will not be enjoying some perks of living together for a while.

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