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Why is #fartgate trending on Twitter?

And the question is.... was it a fart or not?

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Imagine; a gigantic, global gas. It can be heard anywhere around the world, at a given time. And now, repeatedly. Well, it’s a good thing it couldn’t be smelled. Because this is a fart (read: Fartgate) we’re talking about. And the occurrence of the so-called wave of human gas was heard first on live television. Is it a fart or not? Yep, as gross as it is… The world is getting into the finest details of the art of farting to get to the answer. California Rep. Eric Swalwell, as well as Chris Matthews (MSNBC), insist he had nothing to do with it.

Eric Swalwell allegedly releases a round of gas during MSNBC interview

Yes, it was American politician Eric Swalwell, U.S. Representative for California and a member of the Democratic Party who has caused the #fartgate storm. (..literally, though)

This happened during the latest Monday episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC. A political discussion on whether President Donald Trump had used taxpayer dollars to cheat in the election or not was going on when…..

*Pooooohft……….. phhuuut?……….brrraaapp!?

Okay, never mind. How would you spell out a fart sound?! You should just hear it below.

Fart or not? This is quite technical…

The debate is REAL. In fact, the hashtag #fartgate is Trending on Twitter. Apparently, there are lots of tiny details to suggest whether Eric Swalwell did break some wind on  MSNBC.

One thing we noticed was he appeared briefly pause right when the fart sound was heard while attempting not to smile.

It was a Fart >

Some people have made some important dissections to highlight the fact that it WAS indeed a fart from Swalwell. These are most probably Republicans; hell-bent on insisting about the occurrence.

He did NOT fart >

Another popular suspect: Chris Matthews

Or a Hardball mug scraping across the table.

Basically, a talking mug by Hardball (Chris Matthews?) that blamed itself.

This slo-mo video may give answers


A reporter texted Eric Swalwell to find out

Addy Baird, a reporter for BuzzFeed news took the bold step to ask him directly. As one would expect, Swalwell denied farting.

The Democrat politician is fortunately laid back and agrees that the whole episode is funny.

Eric Swalwell speaks up.

Considering how Fartgate quickly became a national buzzing joke, we’re sure Swalwell was feeling actual pressure this time around.

He pleaded ‘not guilty’ while quoting the Hardball mug (Chris Matthews) tweet saying ‘Total Exoneration!’

We’re so happy to hear from Eric himself but he won’t be truly absolved from the blame for a good time now.

Funniest FartGate memes

At the end of the day, everyone needs a good laugh. Whether Eric Swalwell farted on televison or not- we got to witness some hilariously funny memes. And it was fun okay?

Here we present to you our meme-lord side because we’ve compiled some of the best Fartgate memes/jokes 😉


What do you think? Did Eric Swalwell fart? Vote YES or NO…

This new kind of General Elections could surely turn out to be way more fun.

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