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Harry Styles Hosts SNL And Hilariously Shades Zayn Malik

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This Saturday night on SNL was all about Harry Styles. The former One Direction star was invited not only to host the show but also as a musical guest. Throughout the episode, we got Harry Styles in his extra state but in a comedic, adoring, positive way. Shifting his accents from Icelandic to some hired muscles to others, Harry was THE host. With such a night and him not mentioning Zayn Malik would seem off, right? Well, among his hosting, musical performances and entertainment, Harry “kind of” mentioned his old bandmate.

Harry Styles (Fails To) Mentions Zayn Malik

The show began in a parody of the recent Impeachment hearing, calling the segment “Days of Our Impeachment”. It was when Harry Styles gave out his monologue as a host when the show got interesting. He started off by talking about how hosting the show resembles his ‘serious’ relationships. He said to the audience how they will spend ONE incredible night together and then never see him again. We see what you did there, Mr. Styles.

He proved he is a serious musician by ‘playing’ a piano while talking to the audience. This, and playing the instrument on the other side of the road, just like in Britain. This is when he explained that he left his boy band One Direction to join the “men’s band”. He referred to 1D stars Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne, before going blank on Zayn Malik. Instead, he mentioned Ringo Starr, a former Beatles drummer who walked back in 1968. Harry obviously took this reference to point out Zayn, who left the group in 2015. It seems the rest of the members have bad blood against Malik who once said that 1D’s music was “generic as f***”.

Now, obviously, Harry said all this in a lighter note, only trying to make the most of his moment as hosting SNL for the first time. However, fans of both sides were quick to pick this up as a point of argument. We, on the other side, are convinced this will churn out no reaction from Zayn.

SNL Host’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’ ‘Lights Up’ The Crowd

Harry Styles had to prove to the audience that he was a serious musician. Therefore, he decided to drop his latest singles “Lights Up” and “Watermelon Sugar”. The reaction he got from the audience showed he has proved his worth mighty well. The start doesn’t need to quit his job and cancel his upcoming 2020 tour called “Love on Tour.”

Great hair, fantastic voice, beautiful songs and British. His Fine Line album is definitely going to be worth the wait!

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