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Jeffree Star To Review Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection | Ignores Tati Westbrook Palette

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Jeffree Star is going to review Jaclyn Hill Highlighter collection that is launching on November 26. Well, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics is launching once again, and she is getting tons of support from fans, subscribers, and even beauty influencers. Hence, one of the most famous beauty influencers, Jeffree Star is going to review her Holiday Collection which is really a big deal. Star has 16.6 million followers and is considered one of THE best makeup reviewers out there. That’s good news for Jaclyn Hill of course. But that’s not the tea we’re about to spill. J* ‘ won’t’ be reviewing Tati Westbrook’s debut eye-shadow palette, which is kind of a  big deal because some other weird things between the so-called ‘friends’ are also going on.

Tati & Jeffree were solid friends

Throughout we have seen Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star supporting each other. They have been in collaborated videos together like ‘Get Ready In My Private Jet’ on Jeffree’s channel.

Tati Westbrook has always supported Jeffree Star on her channel by using his products. She has even posted videos dedicated to reviewing Jeffree Star cosmetics, specifically his famous eye-shadow collections: Blue Blood and Jawbreaker.

Jeffree even gifted Tati a Louis Vuitton handbag. He also got famous for supporting Tati when her public feud with James Charles happened. In fact, he had even severed ties with JC back then.

Jeffree Star unfollows Tati Westbrook

We didn’t really know much about where the two stood in each other’s lives- post the Tati-James drama. But recently, J* made a move that clearly let everyone know how he really feels about Tati now.

Star unfollowed Westbrook on Instagram and also Twitter. At first, this seemed simply random. There is a lot of speculation as the two did not make any such ‘beef’ public. But of course, something is really off.

Tati released her eyeshadow palette exactly one week before Jeffree X Shane Conspiracy collection was launched.

Some fans say that a disagreement on the release dates was definitely the cause for the fall-out.

More brewing tea on Tati Westbrook x Jeffree Star

That’s not all. We haven’t seen Jeffree Star congratulate Tati Westbrook after her eye-shadow palette launch either.

The silence from Jeffree Star when it comes to supporting a so-called ‘friend’ is calling havoc. At the same time, he decided to review Jaclyn Hill’s new collection so the contrast is crystal clear and speaking volumes.


On Twitter, some Tati fans pointed out that they were being blocked by Jeffree Star for supporting Tati. Oops. WHAT?!


There’s a new hate-club for Jeffree Star aka J*

Scrolling through fan forums, we realized that a lot of people think Jeffree Star is simply too competitive and ‘jealous’ if he sees others succeed. This backlash comes because he supposedly unfollowed Tati right when her first palette launched.


Wow, so harsh. Seems like Jeffree is up on the black-list for some.

So what’s going on?

The YouTube beauty community is all about drama these days. So we can already sense that this low-key situation but might explode at any moment. What is the real beef between Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook? We’ll stay on the look-out to find more tea for you.

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