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Sophia Bush Congratulates Nyle DiMarco On Win at Media Access Award

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The One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush is one inspirational activist. She is known for her new podcast ‘Work in Progress’, and being a champion of women and minority rights. All her efforts raise awareness of important issues and even help fund these organizations. Naturally, she knows other amazing activists as well. One such example is the gay deaf activist Nyle DiMarco who recently won the SAG Media Access Award. Bush congratulated her friend on a series of posts.

Sophia Bush Congratulates Nyle DiMarco For the Award

The actress took to Instagram to say a few words about her friend:

Nyle Dimarco Sag Media Access Awards

While congratulating DiMarco, Sophia Bush deemed his win ‘a much-deserved award’ and stated that his activism matters.

What Activism Does DiMarco Do?

DiMarco actively highlights the issues that the deaf community face, whether it be a lack of access to resources or lack of representation in Hollywood. The model and actor wants Hollywood to star more deaf actors in deaf roles so that audience can learn more about disabilities. There are many stereotypes about the disabilities such as deafness that it’s important that a deaf activist is working hard to raise awareness of the issue.

That is what Nyle DiMarco talked about in his acceptance speech for the award as well.

After thanking the Media Access Award win, the activist talked about how people can’t understand why he, as a deaf person, is happy. DiMarco explained that this misconception is mostly because of the media and Hollywood portrays people with disabilities.

 Hollywood dictates a perception of minority groups.

Moreover, Nyle presented a solution for this huge problem:

We can solve this and create authentic stories by encouraging our industry to INCLUDE disabled actors, directors, writers, etc. into the story-making process. This is where true inclusion happens.

Indeed, more inclusion of disabled actors is going to help paint a better picture of people in the disability community. It’s an important step that Hollywood must take.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to imagine since we have gotten better representation for minority groups such as the LGBTQ in Booksmart and Love, Simon. Even Asian representation is now better thanks to movies such as Crazy Rich Asians.

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