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Trisha Paytas Apologizes To Gabi DeMartino

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Last week has been very nerve-wracking for Trisha Paytas. After she got married to Brad Pitt cut-out, she wrapped up her Vegas trip to come home for a day before leaving for Pennsylvania. Trisha Paytas was acting as Marmee in Gabi DeMartino’s Blood Queens-Christmas special episode. However, her gossips with Gabi sparked a curiosity in Gabbie Hanna. The three had an open feud on social media accounts. And both Gabbie and Gabi sided with each other on the whole issue. However, Trisha Paytas has decided to act like an adult in this whole situation and she finally offered a public apology to Gabi DeMartino.

Trisha Paytas Accepts Gabi DeMartino’s Apology | Asks For Forgiveness In Return

Trisha Paytas just released the vlog she shot during her stay in PA for Gabi DeMartino’s Blood Queens. She did not just share behind-the-scenes, Trisha showed how fun they both were having during Blood Queens shoot. Gabi arranged Trisha’s accommodation at one of the top-rated hotels in Pennsylvania. She was a very good host and they also had a get-ready session with each other using Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette. Gabi’s boyfriend even asked to have a mukbang and they were all up for it. So it was planned that they will have a mukbang and a girls’ sleepover before Trisha Paytas leaves for her house.

Trisha did not show the mukbang footage but she shared the rest of the clips with Gabi DeMartino. She also accepted that she was being defensive during the whole Gabbie Hanna situation and did not accept Gabi’s apology at that time. It, in fact, is not good behavior. Therefore, Trisha Paytas accepted Gabi DeMartino’s apology now and also asked for her forgiveness. As Trisha says, Gabi is a good person and she was stuck in the middle of a crossfire.

I don’t think her intentions were bad at all. I think it just, kind of, was the wrong person to say this.

Will Blood Queens Still Show Trisha’s Scenes?

The Christmas special episode of Blood Queens is not out yet. However, people are wondering whether Gabi Demartino will still show the scenes recorded with Trisha Paytas or not? Gabi has been very clear about reshooting some scenes. And people have speculations that those scenes must be the ones based on Marmee, Trisha’s character for Blood Queens special episode. Only time can give an answer to that.

Gabi DeMartino has not shared her acceptance of Trisha’s apology yet. Let’s hope they both get back together.

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