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T. J. Miller Hints At Not Wanting To Work In Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3

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Superhero movies rarely ever (or maybe never) revolve around a character being explicitly bold and foul-mouthed. When it comes to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds definitely set a bar differently for superhero movies. Both, Deadpool and its 2018 sequel did wonder on the box-office. The main question here is, will there be a third addition to the franchise (Deadpool 3)? If there is a third addition, T J Miller thinks that the studio would have to force him to work in it.

T. J. Miller Thinks Deadpool 3 Will Be a Bad Idea

The former Silicon Valley actor went candid on this recent interview with HeroicHollywood. He talked about Deadpool 3 and whether he would be interested in working in it. While Miller has already a signed contract with Marvel Studios, his reasons for not having a 3rd addition to Deadpool franchise are different.

The actor believes that a continuous sequel might ruin the entire franchise. In his podcast with Adam Carolla, T J Miller, who plays the role of Weasel in Deadpool, said the following:

“I’d almost would rather that they didn’t…Deadpool 2, we knocked it out of the park.” He continued, saying, “What if Deadpool 3 is… eh?”

On the other hand, Miller also added that a new Deadpool might not be the greatest decision by Marvel Studios. That is, with respect to the recent purchase of the production house by Disney. Given that Disney is a family-friendly organization, Deadpool might lose its truest essence if created under a new umbrella. Of course, with a production house releasing heartwarming, family-friendly films like Big Hero 6, Deadpool would be the polar opposite.

Miller added that if asked, he would continue being a part of Deadpool.

“Of course. If they want me to do a Deadpool 3, I’m going to. I’m under contract.”

However, at the moment there are no such talks and Miller hopes they don’t happen in the future as well.

T J Miller rose to fame due to his role in the famous series Silicon Valley. He was removed from the show due to sexual assault allegations, which the actor denied.

It was recently announced that Deadpool 3 is under development.

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