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Netflix’s Daybreak Season 2 | What to Expect

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Daybreak, Netflix’s teen drama about a post-apocalyptic world aired October of 2019. Now, it’s not confirmed whether it has been confirmed for another season 2 or not, we do know that that showmakers set up the premise. It was quite a shocking finale for many. Now, let’s see what information we have got on Daybreak Season 2.

Is it Renewed for Season 2

The streaming service has not ordered another season for Daybreak. But there is still hope for the show since there is a waiting period of about 3-6 weeks after season 1’s premiere. Since Daybreak arrived on Netflix on 24th October, there’ s a chance the show might be renewed. We’ll probably hear the news in December of 2019.

What Can We Expect From Daybreak Season 2

The show’s season 1 finale ended up on a huge cliffhanger. Plenty of people ended up dying, and bad people died. The only problem was that out of the good people there emerged a villain. Sam Dean (Sophie Simnett), the love interest of Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford), helps save everyone from Baron Triumph (Matthew Broderick) and immediately reveals her true intentions.

Sam Dean utters:

The apocalypse isn’t the best thing that happened to you, Josh. It’s the best thing that happened to me.

Then in true Mad Men fashion, she climbs aboard the truck and all the other teens bow down to her except Josh, Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind ), Wesley (Austin Crute), Ms. Crumble (Krysta Rodriguez) and Turbo (Cody Kearsley).

Josh was heartbroken because he naturally assumed that Sam would fall back in love with Josh and they’d get their happily ever after. But Sam proves him and the audience otherwise. She’s not a ‘damsel in distress’ anymore. She’s Sam Dean and she likes control and she’s going to be calling the shots now. Josh, Angelica, and Wesley are clearly in shock and don’t seem to like this sudden change. Hence, We’ll probably see the Aron Eli Coleite developed series show us a fight between Sam Dean and Josh’s tribes in season 2. Perhaps, Josh will try to win Sam back.

Plus, Angelica and Ms. Crumble will probably figure out more about what she is and why she survived the biological attack that wiped out all the adults. As of now, Principal Burr aka Baron Triumph and Ms. Crumble were the only adults left that hadn’t become zombies. Crumble is midway between human flesh-eating monster and sane adult. So, we’re probably seeing more of that in Daybreak season 2, if it’s renewed that is.

Daybreak Season 2 Release Date | Speculations

Even though the show’s not renewed for another season, we can speculate on the release date as we have done before. If Netflix confirms the news for another season, then we’ll probably be hearing about it by the end of this year.

So, Daybreak season 1 was ordered by Netflix to start production in late July of 2018. That gave them about three months of shooting and production. In September 2018, they announced the release date for season 1. The show premiered in October 2019.

That means they took about a little more than a year of production time. So, if they go in production for season 2 in 2020’s January or February, then we can expect Daybreak Season 2 to come in early 2021.

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