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Jim Carrey Slaps Donald Trump’s Associate Roger Stone With A Cartoon

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Donald Trump is constantly getting in a tight spot. This time, it is because of Roger Stone, his former associate. Roger faces convictions of making false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction. Jim Carrey could not hold back to voice his views about the Republican strategist. In a cartoon depiction, he warned people, especially kids, to “choose your heroes wisely.”

Roger Stone Convicted of Lying

On Friday, Stone was found guilty on seven charges for lying to Congress. During the investigations of examining Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Stone lied to the Congress. Elections which Donald Trump won, has put Stone in trouble. HuffPost reports that the prosecutors intended that Roger Stone is taken into custody immediately after his conviction. However, the U.S District Judge Amy Berman allowed him to go free until his sentencing date. He is scheduled for a sentence in February 2020.

Stone is now the sixth associate working for Donald Trump who faces conviction since the start of his presidency. One of his foul play includes having connections with infamous WikiLeaks. The leaks, which included hacked email conversations, were damaging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This shifted the balance in favor of Donald Trump.

Jim Carrey Is Taunts Trump Administration

Jim Carrey perfectly utilized Roger Stone’s Friday conviction to send a message to his fans. In a picture posted on his social media, Jim writes: “Hey Kids… Don’t Be Like Roger, ‘The Artless Dodger’. Choose Your Heroes Wisely!”

In the cartoon, Jim Carrey made Roger Stone wear sunglasses that show the words Guilty and 7 Counts. This depicts the number of counts of Roger Stone’s convictions.

This is not the first time the star of Ace Ventura has mocked the Trump administration through his cartoons. For example, this past week on Veteran’s Day, Carrey posted this:

Roger has also worked with former presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. His famous nickname is the “Dirty Trickster”. Also, he carries a tattoo of Nixon’s face on his back which he is also famous for. Weird dude.

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