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Elijah Daniel Gives Up on His Crush Tana Mongeau?

After hitting on her previously, Elijah has sister zoned Tana Mongeau

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American singer/song-writer and author, Elijah Daniel, just called Tana Mongeau a “sister” in a Twitter post recently. It comes as a surprise because just a couple of Tweets back, we saw him hitting on her and mocking husband Jake Paul (younger brother to Logan Paul). The latest post, however, paints a completely different picture.

Elijah Daniel and Tana Mongeau | History Between the Two

Elijah Daniel aka Lil Phag is known for his odd and satirical social-media posts. The recent one involving Tana Mongeau (wife to Jake Paul) is an Elijah trademark.

It’s not the first time the two YouTube stars are in the news together. In 2017, Elijah Daniel (author of erotic novel Trump Temptations), was ‘supposedly’ cheating on Christine Sydelko with Tana Mongeau. The Muray Show unfolded the spectacle.

In a recent post we saw him hitting on Tana Mongeau and mocking her husband on the infamous fake marriage controversy.


Another Tweet by Elijah Daniel saw Tana responding with a simple “OMG”.

It looks like she didn’t really like it.

Did Elijah just Give Up on Mongeau?

From what we know, Elijah Daniel is gay and happily engaged to Dr. Woke (The Gay Chainsmokers).

In contrast to the previously “OMG”, Tana seems to like this particular Tweet by him.

Elijah Daniel Tana Mongeau Sister

She is my sister, I have to treat her this way.

This Tweet involving Mongeau is probably just one for fun, or is it? We’d love a response, Elijah, it’s all so confusing.
Dankanator will update you when new information on the matter is available.
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