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Tana Mongeau Shares Thoughts on Shane Dawson’s Makeup Collection

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Ever since Shane Dawson’s video of ‘The Truth About Tanacon’ came out, Tana Mongeau credits Dawson for saving her career. Tanacon was a major controversy that happened last year. Dawson did a whole docuseries on it and explained what exactly went wrong. It holds importance since it was the start of Shane’s iconic docuseries which led to many others. So, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson decided to add a ‘Tanacon’ shade in their Shane X Jeffree Palette that launched on November 1st.

For most of Tana Mongeau’s video, she was in utter disbelief that Shane Dawson gave her a big PR package including the main collection.

This is so fucking surreal like the thought of me being like 12 years old at my house watching Shane Dawson every second of every day to being 21 to receiving a full PR package from him is so crazy to me.

There were a lot of excited squeals and screeches from Tana. She was complimenting every single item on the Shane Dawson’s makeup collection. Perhaps her favorite one was the pig mirror which led to a very high-pitched screech from the young YouTuber.

Tana commented on how pigmented the shades in the palettes were and even wore the Shane Dawson lipstick to try it out. Although it’s a bit of a classy color, she deemed it an ‘everyday look’.

Tana Mongeau is Proud of Shane

Even though Jake Paul’s wife (or fake wife?), is friends with Shane Dawson, she was still fangirling over him. That’s because Shane has been on YouTube for almost a decade, making all kinds of videos.

Tana Mongeau commented on how Shane has always inspired her to be her true self because Shane was always his true self:

I’m so proud of Shane. First of all Shane has been the most successful people in the industry for the last decade but I think the thing that has always set him apart from other people and has always inspired me about him is that how genuine and true to himself he is. Especially when it comes to making money.

Mongeau elaborated on how Dawson never took a brand deal or TV project that was not fully representative of him. This was actually what prevented Tana Mongeau herself from not taking a certain brand deal because she did not want to be a ‘sell-out’.

Moreover, Tana was proud of her friend for finally getting a deal that he is completely on board with, thanks to Shane X Jeffree Collection. It was something that Shane has certainly put his whole heart to. The YouTuber got to reap the fruits of his hard work when his makeup palettes sold out within hours of the launch!

Tana Doesn’t Think Tanacon Is Dedicated to Her

The young 21-year-old YouTuber got candid and open when reviewing the Shane X Jeffree collection. When she came to the eye shadow palette, she talked about how she doesn’t think Tanacon is her shade.

Another reason I haven’t reacted to the Tanacon shade is that people are like ‘you have a shade in Shane’s palette this is your shade’. But like to me in a way it’s not.

Tana commented on how she thinks it’s different from the Trisha Paytas shade because Shane dedicated the shade entirely to her.

But with Tanacon, it’s different. Mongeau opened up:

Tanacon was such a big part of my life and also of Shane’s life. And that the series of him like saving it. But it was like a mess and I feel like now you look at Tanacon, it’s not something that I’m going to look at in a positive light. But for Shane, he did so much positive with something so negative. Now I feel like him using Tanacon in his palette is so much more him than me.

Tana shared how she didn’t want the ‘Tanacon’ shade to be a ‘clout token’ or something she can flaunt around because Tanacon is dedicated to an event in Shane’s journey, and not her.

Say what you will about the YouTuber, but this was actually quite mature of her. The YouTuber has always been involved in some kind of drama or the other but in some moments you get to see the real her. And it’s not that bad.

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