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R3hab & Zayn & Jungebloi ‘Flames’ Dedicated To Gigi Hadid?

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Zayn Malik, the ex-lead vocalist of One Direction and ex-boyfriend of Gigi Hadid, is finally back with more music. His duet with Sabrina Claudio-Rumors came out a month ago. However, that song was majorly focused on Claudio so Zayn stans were still waiting for the king to drop another song soon. And boy, he did not disappoint. Zayn Malik teased his latest music collaboration with R3hab (Fadil El Ghoul) and Jungleboi: Flames, a week ago. In fact, he shared a snippet from the original track 2 days back and the fans have been restless since then. Finally, the release date arrived and the song is out.

R3hab & Zayn & Jungleboi | Light Me Up In Flames

The music collaboration by R3hab, Zayn and Jungleboi is literally 2:35 only. For real, just 2 minutes 35 seconds. We want more as the song is too good to end so soon. The teaser had us all wanting to put it as a ringtone. Light me up in flames because the duration is, not enough to satisfy the fans.

Well, if we just ignore the length of the song, it is awesome. Flames is literally hot, dropped like a bomb by Zayn. The song itself puts you in a groovy mood.

You better run from me, You better hit the road.

You better up and leave, don’t get too close.

Cause I’m a rolling stone and I keep rolling on.

You better run from me before I take your soul.

A Warning To Whom It May Concern

The lyrics of R3hab-Zayn-Jungleboi Flames seem like a warning for someone special. Who is Zayn Malik sending warnings to?

If I go, let me go. Don’t you follow me, let me go.

I will let you down, let me go.

Even if your heart can’t take it, light me up in Flames.

Is Zayn talking about Gigi Hadid? It can possibly be just a simple song. However, it does give those vibes that the song was written with someone in the writer’s mind.

You better run from me, you better say goodbye.

And even if I plead, don’t waste your time.

Cause I’m a broken home, you’re better off alone.

‘Flames’ does feel like a dedication to Zayn’s relationship with Gigi Hadid. Both have been in an on-again-off-again relationship from the last few years and they are both single for now, not seeing anyone.

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