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Jaclyn Hill Tears Up Before Holiday Collection Reveal

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Jaclyn Hill has officially made her come-back, that too, with full-force. After the aftermath of the lipstick scandal, the makeup mogul had decided to take a break. Her makeup line, Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics was also inaccessible during this hiatus. Well, Jaclyn Hill is back and she is clearly trying to put the bad lipsticks behind her. She announced her brand’s relaunch that is happening on November 26. She also just gave a reveal into her upcoming Holiday Collection that has A LOT of new products. Jaclyn Hill posted a teaser where she stands among some models wearing Jaclyn Cosmetics makeup.

Later she gave us a sneak peek of what’s inside the collection on her on  Jaclyn Cosmetics Instagram.

Hill also posted on her personal Instagram beckoning her audience to her YouTube channel to see the entire Holiday Collection.

Jaclyn Hill’s sentiments

In the latest video on her channel, Jaclyn Hill has opened her heart out to all her followers.

Teary-eyed and candid; Hill confronted the past once again on camera, admitted her biggest mistakes and accepted that she has had her ‘wake up call’.

“For today’s video I am feeling so many emotions right now. I am so beyond excited. I feel so confident yet so nervous at the exact same time.”

She then said a huge thank you to everyone while sharing how nervous and anxious she had been prior to her new collection’s reveal.

“I’m not kidding you, I have not received this many DMs in my entire life I think. And they’re just flooding in… Just thousands of people being so encouraging and sending me so many good vibes, and thoughts, and prayers”

Jaclyn’s humiliation was a “wake-up call”

Jaclyn expressed how she wants to be vulnerable with her followers, and that she has really had a very hard year due to the lipstick scandal. In fact, she takes the first failure as her biggest learning experience.

“I have felt so humiliated and like such a  failure. At the same time I have never been more thankful for anything in my entire life, as weird as it is. Because I have learned so much from an experience that I learnt from my first launch and I truly believe in the depths of my soul that I was put through that situation for a reason, because I had a major wake-up call.”

She even admits to being so confident in the first launch that she became “cocky.” She states that she had taken all this time to reflect and correct her errors.

Hill also added with big tears in her eyes, her voice shaking, that this launch is not for herself.

“Me as myself, I am terrified and I am scared and I am freaking out. But I’m doing this for the girls and boys that I meet every day when i go out, when I open my DMs, the ones constantly telling me how my videos impacted them and changed their lives… I am doing this for you.”

….Jaclyn, you literally got us emosh too, with you!

We genuinely believe that Jaclyn Hill is going to make an amazing comeback after her lipstick scandal, and give us her best line of products yet. She clearly has learned from the past, and the lessons learned have made her humbler, wiser and much more informed.

We are now even more excited about her Holiday Collection and will update about what’s inside it ASAP.

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