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Elijah Daniel Hitting on Jake Paul’s Wife Tana Mongeau?

Elijah Daniel is out of control.

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American singer and comedian, Elijah Daniel, was recently seen hitting on Tana Mongeau and mocking Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake Paul in a Tweet. The reason behind the action is unclear at the moment but history has been witness to what Elijah is capable of doing. The contents of the post seem to refer to the Tana-Jake fake marriage controversy.

Elijah Daniel | A Brief Background

Elijah Daniel aka Lil Phag is popular for his satirical social-media posts. The recent one involving Tana Mongeau and husband Jake Paul is a perfect example. The singer, song-writer rose to prominence as the author of the erotic novel, Trump Temptations.

Elijah and fiancee Dr. Wok are a part of EDM/ Pop band Adam & Steve. The two have been labeled as The Gay Chainsmokers by Billboard. Together, they have released four singles featuring Maty Noyes, Gnash, Sophie Rose and Waterparks.

Did Daniel actually hit on Jake Paul wife Tana Mongeau?

Well, only Elijah Daniel would know the answer to that. From what we know, Elijah is gay and happily engaged to Dr. Wok. The recent tweet involving Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau  is probably just for fun.


In my opinion, the contents of Daniel’s tweet are referring to the fake-marriage controversy involving Tana Mongue and Jake Paul.

It’s not the first time the Two YouTube stars are in the news together. In 2017 Elijah Daniel was ‘supposedly’ cheating on Christine with Tana Mongeau. The Maury Show unfolded the drama:

Prior to the post mocking Jake Paul, Elijah Tweeted:

Tana Mongeau wrote back with a simple “OMG”

In my opinion, these tweets were just meant for fun. I don’t see any ill-intentions behind them. We’ll update you when new information on the subject is available.

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