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These Tweets Explain Why Second Civil War Letters became a Trending Topic!

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On one fateful evening, a grim journalist decided to share his opinion out to the world because it was so important. He warned us for an impending doom! The United States of America is now apparently in serious danger of a second civil war. Let’s explore further how the second civil war letters came to be!

Anyone can tell this is a joke, in this day and age, having a civil war in America would be completely disastrous and even the most irrational of us out there can agree to this fact. However, Alex Jones, Trump’s favorite source for his alleged real news still thinks it’s a real possibility. No one knows the actual motive behind Alex Jones doing this, but somehow everyone on twitter decided to treat it as a joke.

Hundreds upon hundreds of tweets gathered up in response to this so called second civil war started. Then we were gifted with a trending topic on Twitter with stories that will make us laugh for ages. These second civil war letters will hopefully quell any actual fear anyone has on an actual civil war occurring.

1 Here are a few of the best ones “second civil war” letters!


As you can clearly see, Americans are quite creative when it comes to making a trending story. Amidst the chaos and confusion of the political climate of that country, it is rather heartwarming to see some of the try to make the best out of a crazy situation and just laugh about it on Twitter. Once again, we see that rationality and common sense prevails over often unfair and usually extreme policies of the president of the United States. The people aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and creative jokes online.

Perhaps we can find some faith in the fact that democracy is not dead yet. There’s still hope on the horizon. Some are already tweeting about the 4th of July which remind us of core American values. Sometimes however, a hashtag can be misspelled and give us something to laugh about in order to be in a more lighthearted mood.

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