Machelle Hobson | YouTuber Mom Jailed For Child Abuse Dies

Machelle Hobson | YouTuber Mom Jailed For Child Abuse Dies

YouTube is an exciting platform for anyone looking for fame in creativity and skills. Some people take this way too seriously by forgetting ethics and focussing only on this newfound fame. Brooke Houts, for example, allegedly hit her dog to make it do tricks for her YouTube channel. Similarly, Machelle Hobson, a YouTuber mom running the channel “Fantastic Adventures”, used to hit her seven adopted children to make them do things for her videos. Consequently, she was arrested for child abuse, along with her two elder sons, Ryan and Logan Hackney. Machelle tortured her children for internet fame, and now it is reported that she has died.

Story of Child Abuser Machelle Hobson

Machelle Hobson was a 48-year-old mother in Arizona who used to earn thousands of dollars through YouTube. She used to run the channel “Fantastic Adventures” which gained 800,000 subscribers and over 250 million views. The channel featured her seven adopted children who would do all kinds of childish acts. Sneaking, pranking, playing games, etc, nothing out of the usual.

However, May 2019 reports claimed that Machelle would resort to child abuse to discipline her kids for her videos. Beatings, locking inside a closet for days, and pepper-spraying genitals.

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Her biological daughter reported the police, claiming that she could not watch this go on any further. The police reported that the children were malnourished, thirsty and afraid to touch food that they gave them while in their safe custody. One boy reported that the mother beat him with a hanger and a belt.

Consequently, Machelle faced charges of child abuse and imprisonment. Her two elder sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney, went down for failing to alert authority on the abuse of a minor.

After going to jail, Mache faced some sort of brain injury which made her incompetent to stand trial. However, local authorities continued to hope that she might recover just enough for prosecution. Unfortunately for them, on Tuesday Machelle died at a hospital. Her cause of death is unknown.

Her prosector will now officially dismiss the case once they receive her death certificate, according to BuzzFeed News.

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