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Hilary Duff Launches Eco-Friendly Organic Products For Hygiene

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Hilary Duff has remained one of the most loved, teen idols for us 90’s kids, and we still absolutely love her! We can’t forget her iconic Lizzie McGuire series, or her hit soundtracks like ‘Why Not’ and ‘Metamorphosis’. In fact, Hilary Duff has been a huge part of our life as we grew up, from pre-teens into adults. Even after all these years, the dazzling pop idol and actress is not out of the picture. In fact, she is an entrepreneur now. And the big news is: she just came out with her own organic and eco-friendly products line! Who knew our favorite tv-character Lizzie Mcguire from childhood would grow up to become a real-life inspiration too. Well, for one, we always knew Hilary Duff was goals even before ‘#goals’ was invented!

Hilary Duff as Chief Brand Officer

The Lizzie Mcguire star announced her partnership with ‘Naturalena Brands’ an American company dedicated to creating high-quality, healthy solutions. Hilary Duff herself hosted the celebratory launch event in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 10th.

Hilary Duff has partnered with two of their brands. The first one being Happy Little Camper. This is a line of baby products made using natural, gentle ingredients like non-GMO cotton, aloe-vera & vitamin E. They offer earth and eco-friendly products like diapers and wipes. Even the packaging is made using recycled material.

The second brand is Veeda, a plant-based feminine care line that provides natural tampons, pads, and liners.

As the Chief Brand Officer of these brands, Hilary Duff will be responsible for representing and bringing healthy, natural, eco-friendly products with cost-effective solutions for consumers worldwide. She will also help provide greater exposure to the brand and will inevitable contribute in helping them in their mission as an organic consumer brand.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Hilary and the next phase of our Naturalena Brands journey,” said Naturalena Brands Co-Founder and Global Director, Adrian Forsyth.

“Our partnership with Hilary allows us to garner focus not only on our brands but our foundation and social causes for women and children’s health which is at the core of the organisation’s DNA. Hilary has jumped in and is already contributing strategic direction and input to our marketing team as we further develop premium products for our customers.

Hilary Duff’s journey as a mother

Our superstar Hilary herself is a mother which makes her the perfect person to endorse healthy products for babies and moms, though she was mom-shamed in the past. According to her, motherhood has held her hardest and most rewarding days.

She shared a picture of herself with her daughter while representing and recommending Happy Little Campers.

“It’s so rare to find products that are natural and sustainable without sacrificing functionality,” said Hilary Duff.

“As parents, we want what’s best for our kids and as a woman it’s important to think about my own health when it comes to what I put in my body. Happy Little Camper and Veeda are changing the way we think about the products we use. and I’m so excited to take on this role and help further our mission to provide clean, plant-based products that are safe and accessible for babies and moms.”

The launch celebrations

Hilary Duff hosted a gathering at her home to celebrate this new journey in her life. Family and friends were invited for a special brunch catered by Kitchen Mouse, who served parents and kids exclusively. Guests enjoyed the music and socialized while kids played in a ball-pit Duff arranged.


In fact, she even treated the guests to Happy Little Camper and Veeda products to try out.

The Naturalena Foundation has donated 2.5 million pads and 1 million tampons to help end Period Poverty. The company has also donated 1000 diaper boxes and 5.5 million wipes to 100 global organizations.

What an incredible cause to be a part of. With zero exaggeration, we are super happy and proud of Hilary Duff aka Lizzie McGuire. She has come so far, and there is absolutely no stopping her!

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