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Fan Theories on Bojack Horseman Season 6 Part 2

A lot of them are depressing...

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Bojack Horseman is a layered, complex show with every story-line and character having a deeper meaning. You have to dig deep into the characters to really understand their past traumas. While the future of every character is still unclear, some fans have thoroughly analyzed their stories and pasts. In fact, they have even fore-casted a possible future for them.

The wait for Part 2 of Bojack Horseman Season 6 is still going. So we scoured the internet for these interesting predictions. Let’s discuss these Bojack Horseman ‘conspiracy theories’ today and how plausible they seem to us here at Dankanator.

Princess Carolyn’s Infertility Due to a ‘Cursed’ Necklace?

We all know how important it is for Princess Carolyn to have her own family. In fact, she deeply wants to experience motherhood and goes through several failed attempts. At long last, she resorts to adoption.

But she wears a jeweled necklace all the time. This necklace was passed down from her mother and Princess Carolyn hopes to pass it over to her own daughter someday. She also wears it because of her mother’s inspiring words regarding this necklace.

“When you wear this I want you to remember you have come from a long line of women who’ve taken our licks but we always land on our feet.”

But later, the necklace is found to be a simple gold-plated costume jewelry-piece from the ’60s.

Well, some fans absolutely believe that this necklace is the cause of Princess Carolyn’s infertility. The theory is that the necklace is actually made of ‘lead’. Prolonged exposure to lead can even cross the placental barrier which means that the fetus of pregnant women can get exposed to it. This can then cause still births and miscarriages.

If the necklace actually turns out to be made of lead, then yes, we believe this theory has some substance.

The main cast of the show Represents the ‘Stages of Grief’

The ‘Five Stages of Grief’ are a famous psychological theory about the series of emotions one goes through when facing grief.
Namely, the five stages are ‘Denial’, ‘Anger’, ‘Bargaining’, ‘Depression’ and ‘Acceptance’. In fact, this theory does analyze and explain each character as well.
According to this fan theory, Mr. Peanutbutter represents ‘denial’ as he remains jolly, happy go lucky even though it’s quite evident he is anything but truly happy. Mr. Peanutbutter has been through serious life events but he never acknowledges them. He even ignores the seriousness of his brother’s illness. He even fails to realize that his parents have been dead for years.
Diane represents ‘anger’. Her childhood of being neglected has made her frustrated and deeply angry with the world and the social injustice, which makes her the conscience of Bojack Horseman. Often, she is seen clenching her fists with apparent anger.

Princess Carolyn is an accurate representation of ‘bargaining’. She keeps herself busy by immersing herself in her career and work, turning them into her priorities and sole focus. In the sixth season, she’s taken on another role as a mom.

Depression is none other than Bojack Horseman which is the main premise of the show. His depression often leads to destructive behavior which leads to harmful consequences. Though, he is trying to right his wrongs in the last season.

And lastly, Todd represents the final stage: Acceptance. He really has mastered the art of acceptance and finding contentment in himself no matter what he has to face.

We like this character theory and it definitely makes sense if you think about it.

Bojack’s Fateful End | Suicide

Many fans believe that despite everything Bojack has tried, including rehab, his past regrets will bring him back to square one. In fact, he will keep carrying the weight of his mistakes until he can no longer cope with his regrets.

And as a result, he will finally commit suicide to let go of all the past memories and regrets that keep flooding his mind. This includes a long list of his regrets, his falling-out with Herb Kazzaz, unintentionally causing the death of Sarah Lynn, ‘almost’ ‘raping’ a minor, strangling Gina. As well as all the toxic things he does due to his alcohol addiction and sexual habits.

One Redditor commented:

“I could definitely see him committing suicide by overdosing, and jumping into his pool to “relax”, like how he does in the introductions. Or falling from the banister into the cliffs below to plummet to his demise.”

OR… Bojack will heal and fix himself and learn from his past. Well, the latter is what we believe in. Or, want to believe in. We just can’t handle such a tragic ending for Bojack Horseman. Which brings us to the second theory about Bojack’s ending.

Bojack will Make Amends and Leave Forever

One of the recurring themes in the show is how Bojack simply leaves without telling anyone (he’s done it two times already) but what if he does it for one last time, for good?

Rather than killing himself, he might just leave and never come back.

This theory also includes Bojack making amends to each person he had damaged.  A Reddit elaborates on this,

“First of all, he will give his house to Todd, so he can stop couch hopping all the time. I think he will also give him money.

He’ll send a letter to Charlotte to say sorry for the bad stuff he did.

I think he’ll go to Diane’s house, apologize and truthfully thank her for always being there.

Pretty much the same thing with Princess Carolyn, although I think he’ll also say how he regrets not being a better lover to her.

He will apologize to Kelsey, where she probably won’t accept his apology.

Then I think he will go the Sarah Lynn’s and Herb tomb.”

After this, Bojack will leave for a remote country, away from everyone he knew before, give up on his fame and fortune, and start afresh.

We think this may be practical and also refreshing!

Diane’s Death Parallel to Princess Diana’s

Fans are sure about one thing; one main character will definitely die in the season finale.

One important speculation is Diane’s death.  Diane is always in conflict, no matter where she is. She feels like she doesn’t belong nor makes a difference in this unfair world.

One of the biggest hints toward Diane’s death is a subtle allusion to the death of Princess Diana in 1997.

In the episode “INT. SUB”, Diane is referred to as “Princess Diana of Wales” by her therapist. While this may seem like another one of Bojack-style jokes, the pun could actually be a foreshadowing hint. The therapist even tells Diane,

“Go out like a candle in the wind!”

Just like the sudden, heartbreaking death of Princess Diana, what if Diane also ends up facing a similar demise in the show?


Mr. Peanutbutter suicide…

Speaking of deaths, Mr. Peanutbutter is one character who is a hot discussion especially since he became the ‘national face of depression’.

Yes, he claims to be happy and to know nothing about mental illness. But he is about to go on tour, representing and talking about the problem. It is super likely that he is finally going to discover he is deeply depressed.

After this, even his death becomes a huge possibility.

We personally don’t think a happy dog like Mr.Peanutbutter would wound up doing something like suicide.

What do you guys think about these fan theories?

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