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Marvel Avengers Has Not Ended, Disney CEO Teases MCU Fans

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Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame was marked as the last time MCU fans would get to see such a huge collection of superheroes converge at a single place. With Iron Man and Captain America now gone, there were sure-shot bets that things are going to move on. However, that does not mean individual movies would not happen. Moreover, like the way Marvel proceeds, individual movies all link up to form Avengers. Hence, can we reconsider seeing yet another Avengers in the future? One that would have Black Widow, Hulk, and other new superheroes? Disney CEO, Bob Iger had something to say about this.

Disney Boss Teases Yet Another Marvel Avengers?

Avengers Endgame marked an end of an era. Rightly so as well, with Captain America and Iron Man went away for good, who is taking up the mantle to lead Avengers and the heroes? Bob Iger of Disney has promised that Avengers would still have a place in future phases. There are two solo films in the works. We all know by now how solo films converge to form an Avengers movie. Will the same happen again?

According to DigitalSpy, Disney CEO said in an investors’ call Avengers appearance can go on and on. With Black Widow and Thor: Love and Thunder in the making, there is more to come.

Igor explained:

“In Marvel’s case, I’m calling it the post-Avengers world. It doesn’t mean there aren’t films being made with characters from the Avengers. We have Black Widow coming out, in [2020], and a Thor 4 movie in the works, and I can go on and on. We also are mining other characters like Eternals.”

Perhaps Disney should think about calling Mark Ruffalo back to the MCU. He might just be the right guy to reintroduce the idea of Avengers to the younger heroes that would be coming up.

In a discussion for future Hulk movies, especially for phase 4, Mark Ruffalo said this:

“I’d like to see him [Bruce Banner] hang out with some of the new folks, you know? Maybe be like a guru to some of the new, younger ones.”

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