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Christian Bale from Ford v Ferrari Is Tired Of Getting Fat For Movies

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Who doesn’t know about Christian Bale? He might be the only star in Hollywood who went through drastic weight changes several times for his movies. He knows how to go from ribs-out skinny for The Machinist, to fat and plum for American Hustle. Christian knows how to go from jack-ripped in American Psycho to completely normal for Ford v Ferrari. He knows how to manipulate his weight to bring out the best performance for movies. Now, however, he has said that all of this is over.

Christian Bale’s Weight Changes

Entertainment Weekly reported, in an interview with the star of Ford v Ferrari, that Bale won’t be packing or shedding weight anytime soon. He told CBS Sunday Morning that he thinks he is done with it.

Christian Bale has long become an icon for commitment to his roles and movies. His transformation started in 2004 when he came down to 120 pounds for The Machinist. The star only relied on can of tuna and apple every day to shed his weight down by 65 pounds. This is seen as a record weight loss by any actor for any movie. What’s remarkable to note here is that he was completely buffed for American Psycho, a movie that was released much earlier to this. From there to this, and then going on to become a pot-bellied character in Vice by stuffing pies. For the movie, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, he had to become jacked and ripped, and so he did.

More Details on Ford v Ferrari

The plot of upcoming Christian Bale and Matt Damon movie is out. Matt Damon stars as American car designer Caroll Shelby. Bale plays as his driver Ken Miles. Together they fight corporate interference, their personal demons, and laws of physics to put a race car for Ford. This they did it to challenge Ferrari at the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966.

Bale shared:

“It’s these two friends figuring out how do you deal with these a-holes in suits who know nothing about racing. It transcends racing and becomes something that captures the spirit of people who are willing to risk everything for their love.”

Ford v Ferrari is coming out to cinemas on November 15.

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