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Can We Stop Hating Shane Dawson For Trying To Tell Us the Truth about Tanacon?

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If you’re an avid follower of social media and YouTube, you might have heard the recent debacle of Tanacon. Tana Mongeau YouTuber and vlogger had a disagreement with Vidcon. So to get back at them, she created Tanacon on the same day and near the venue where Vidcon was happening. But the event turned out to be a disaster, with fans waiting in lines for hours in the scorching heat with no food and water and total confusion. Amidst everything, two people were blamed, the ones who were behind it all: Tana Mongeau and Micheal (the CEO of the company in charge of the event). Shane Dawson, one of the featured content creators in Tanacon and Tana’s close friend, took upon himself to find the truth in the chaotic mess that this whole story became.

1 Shane Dawson finds out the truth on why Tanacon went wrong

People are obviously angered at how the convention was handled and how people were led to believe they would be getting something better than Vidcon and instead got something worse.

There are plenty of YouTubers out there talking about how this was a disaster, like PewDewPie and Ricky Dillon. But Shane Dawson is the only one who’s trying to figure out the real truth by talking to people who were in charge of it as well who were affected by it.

2 Shane did it for the fans

Firstly, let’s talk about why he started this documentary series. For the fans, for those of us who spent their money and time to go out to be at Tanacon to meet their favorite content creators including himself. He knows that fans just came out to meet him because he never goes out to video conventions. This was their only chance. He could have just ranted to us through Instagram stories and tweets, but he was so heartbroken at disappointing his fans that he took it upon himself to make up for it for them He wanted everyone to know the truth.

Who’s going to investigate what really happened? It’s much convenient for everyone to just give their two cents through their keyboards online or video cameras. The fans who were there can show how horrible their experience was but they were clearly confused as to what was happening and don’t know much. The people who were filming everything were Tana’s people and Micheal’s people. Whenever they show that footage to us, won’t it be biased to some extent to just show their point of view?

3 Shane took an objective approach

We needed someone who wasn’t taking anyone’s side nor specifically hating anyone. We had that in Shane Dawson. While true, he is Tana’s friend and wanted to help her too, it was more about getting to the bottom of everything. He has mentioned time and time again in his video series that he was angry at Tana’s irresponsible behavior as well. He wasn’t taking anyone’s sides. To the best of his abilities, he was on a mission to find out what happened in Tanacon and why it failed. The main people, Tana and Micheal, were interviewed separately and also together in order to get a fair picture of it all.

Even if it somehow isn’t the entire truth. Isn’t it better than just giving our opinions out there, without knowing all the facts? Yes, the show was a disaster everyone agrees. Yes, both Tana and Micheal weren’t fit to be heading that major of an event, everyone including them agrees. And yes, it isn’t fair nor should it ever happen again.

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4 What good will spewing hate to Shane Dawson do?

But what good will it do if we just spew out more criticism and hate towards them and specifically the one person trying to make up for it and ensuring the people behind it are accountable for it, like Shane Dawson. No one else took the time and effort to interview these people Or to try to hear their side of the story. It’s true they messed up but don’t we all if you were in that position, wouldn’t you want to be at least heard by someone?

Shane Dawson is doing this for the fans who were wronged. He’s trying to make it up for everyone even though it’s literally not his job to do so. Everyone is hurt and confused, why make it worse by hating the people trying to help us. Yes, we deserve to know more about it by a certified journalist. The video has good intentions, the people in it are genuinely concerned and sorry, let’s give them a chance.

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