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Kylie Jenner Sued A Mother Over ‘Rise and Shine’ T-Shirts Made in 2017?

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As if the world was not crazy enough already that the Kardashians were sent to compensate for shortcomings. The rumor spread that Kylie Jenner sent a cease and desist letter to a mother in Australia to stop selling her T-shirts that contain the words ‘Rise and Shine’.

Mother Threatened by Kylie Jenner?

It was reported that the world’s youngest billionaire Kylie Jenner allegedly sent a “Cease & Desist” letter to a mother living in Australia over a T-shirt. Kylie did so because the T-shirt contained the phrase ‘Rise and Shine’ in the shirts.

DailyMail UK first reported this and revealed that the Australian mother did not want to be named in all this. Receiving the letter shocked her. She explained that she had already sold hundreds of copies of the shirt in the last 12 months.

“I used to really like her, now I’m like are you kidding me. The design wasn’t about her, it was just a shirt with a different holiday feel,”

said the mother in Golden Coast. Luckily, the mother says that since she already has sold several of them, she has only eight shirts left now.

“We still have a few left but don’t plan on selling them now. I would be really p***ed if we had $4000 worth of T-shirts here but we only have about eight or so.”

Kylie Jenner Claims The Letter Was Never Sent

In a surprising turn of events, the Kardashian member expressed that this whole incident never happened.

In a series of Tweets, Jenner urger her fans to not trust everything they see online:


The Company That Was Allegedly Being Sued Claims No Letter Was Sent Either

The company that was being sued was apparently Cased Clothing. After the Kylie Jenner tweets, they took back their statement of the cease and desist letter.

Youngest Billionaire’s Lawsuit Battles Still Exist?

Kylie Jenner is currently trying to cash in on the phrase ‘Rise and Shine’ after a video of her singing to daughter Stormi went viral on the Internet. Even though this incident with the Australian company seems to be cleared up, she’s still facing different legal battles when it comes to the ‘Rise and Shine’ phrase. Recently, the Kardashian sister was using the phrase to promote hoodies with the same phrase on her Snapchat.

According to Yahoo things are heating up. Kylie was stopped by a nutrition company Rise and Shine LLC. The supplement company’s CEO Cathy Beggan stated that Jenner was using the phrase “without the legal license or permission to do so and without any offer of compensation.”

Beggan attempted to resolve the issue but it seems like Kylie Jenner backed out at the last second. Hence the CEO made a decision:

Since Kylie has made no effort to contact us, or take me up on our offer, I was left with no choice but to file a complaint with Snapchat today, to stop Jenner from violating my trademark rights on its platform

Since Jenner was unable to own the trademark of ‘rise and shine’, the legal battles will only get worse. Unless she lets the viral meme stay just a meme.

Kylie Jenner is a sister of Kendall Jenner and half-sister of Kim Kardashian. Her makeup brand helped her to become the world’s youngest billionaire. This put her on Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires in March 2019.

What a day to be alive, everyone.

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