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Logan Paul vs KSI Re-match | Referee Jack Reiss Controversy?

Referee Jack Reiss stands by his decision against Logan Paul

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The much-anticipated boxing re-match between Logan Paul and KSI has finally come to a close. The Brit stands victorious by 57-54, 56-55, 55-56 on the judges’ scorecards. Referee Jack Reiss, however, stands by his decision to snatch two points from Logan for an illegal blow to the opponent.

Logan Paul’s Punch was a “FELONY”, Says Referee Jack Reiss

The two YouTube sensations previously came face to face last year, at the Manchester Arena. It was the biggest online event in history as millions watched it live over YouTube’s pay-per-view. To everyone’s dismay, the match ended in a draw. Logan Paul and KSI chose November 9th, 2019 for a re-match to settle their scores.

The hugely anticipated boxing re-match between the American YouTube celebrity and the Brit is over. KSI came out victorious. He takes the win by 57-54, 56-55, 55-56 on the judges’ scorecards. However, during Logan Paul vs KSI 2, the American landed a punch that was termed as “felony” by the veteran Referee Jack Reiss. It has since become kind of a ‘controversy’ but Reiss is defending his decision.

Why Did the referee Dock Paul Two Points?

During the match, Logan Paul was awarded two points for a heavy uppercut that shook KSI. While the Brit was still recovering from the blow, Paul gave another straight punch from behind. It was termed ‘illegal’ and a “felony”. We saw Reiss awarding two points for the knockdown, but then taking them away for the late hit.

Reiss’s Take on the Incident

This is what Referee Jack Reiss had to say about the controversy during Logan Paul vs KSI re-match:

But KSI was already stumbling from that first one and going down and then when he was on the ground Logan hit him with a straight punch. There’s no such punch in boxing from 12 to 6 and Logan hit him, it’s a felony. So originally I said, “no, no, no, stop, time” and I was going to do something. I gave JJ as much time as he needed to get back to his full strength and recover to level the playing field and then I told [the judges] to score the knockdown and then take away two points for the illegal blow and the playing field was then leveled. ‘Two points for the knockdown, two points he took away. Whoever goes out and wins that round, wins that round. Trying to keep it fair and keep it going.

Some say, the two-point penalty against Logan Paul, was a bit too much and it played a vital role in placing KSI at the top on the score-board. Reiss responded:

Well I warned him in the dressing room, both fighters, to stay off the back of the head and stay off the kidney. And like I said there’s no such punch in boxing where you punch straight down and that was initially and it had effect cos it was a wounded fighter. And again, to level the playing field, I thought two points would be best, get them back up and get them going.

Logan Paul vs KSI Part 3, is it a possibility?

Looks like the drama is here to stay. There is a clear divide. Some think it was fair, others think the penalty was far fetched. Does it mean we are on for a Logan Paul vs KSI part 3? well, you never know. I guess we’ll just have to wait on this one.

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