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Recent Fortnite Update Reveals Epic Games Changed Some Weapons

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It is getting frustrated to play Fortnite and we don’t really have any choice. Ever since Epic Games stopped giving us Darren Sugg’s Fortnite’s updates in the form of patch notes, we are all struggling here. At first, people would simply open patch notes of Fortnite on the Epic Games website. With that gone, we all look to YouTubers and different websites for hints. Therefore, understanding the need for those who play Fortnite, we have taken time to compile the recent changes.

Epic Games Fortnite Changed Reload Times

Thanks to u/Tornorr from Reddit, we got to see what the update version 11.10 really looked like. According to the user, Fortnite tweaked the reload time of the following weapons:

(Posted from BR, still my creation) Hotfix yesterday fixed the odd changes as well as buffing the snipers/P90s from FortniteCompetitive

Assault Rifle (AR):
  • Common AR: Reload Time increased by 8% (from 2.3s to 2.5s)
  • Uncommon AR: Reload Time increased by 8% (from 2.2s to 2.4s)
  • Rare AR: Reload Time increased by 4% (from 2.2s to 2.3s)
  • Epic Scar: Reload Time increased by 5% (from 2.1s to 2.2s)
Pump Shotgun:
  • Common Pump: Reload Time increased by 12% (from 5s to 5.7s)
  • Uncommon Pump: Reload Time increased by 9% (from 4.8s to 5.3s)
  • Rare Pump: Reload Time increased by 4% (from 4.6s to 4.8s)
  • Legendary Pump: Reload Time decreased by 5% (from 4.2s to 4s)
Sub-Machine Gun (SMG):
  • Common SMG: Reload Time increased by 25% (from 1.8s to 2.4s)
  • Uncommon SMG: Reload Time increased by 26% (from 1.7s to 2.3s)
  • Epic P90 SMG: Reload Time decreased by 14% (from 2.1s to 1.8s)
  • Legendary P90 SMG: Reload Time decreased by 15% (from 2.0s to 1.7s)
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle:
  • Uncommon Sniper Rifle: Reload Time increased by 22% (from 2.5s to 3.2s)
  • Epic Sniper Rifle: Reload Time decreased by 11% (from 2.8s to 2.5s)
  • Legendary Sniper Rifle: Reload Time decreased by 15% (2.7s to 2.3s)

Updates Explained

As can be deciphered from these latest stats, it seems that lower-tier weapons have become more unwieldy to use. Higher tiers have become more desirable and effective. Epic Games created a wider disparity in this latest Fortnite update across all regions. Lower SMGs will take more time to reload. This means that you can easily break into someone’s 1×1 using a P90 if they are drinking small shields since they take 2 seconds to load.

It is pretty wild that Epic Games and Darren Sugg have one of the biggest games on earth but they don’t give out any patch notes. Fortnite is still under construction as said by the developers themselves. Hence, it would be really helpful to every player if they can get notified about the recent changes. Pretty much every other game does this, update notes are not rare.

Regardless, we survived the brutal B.R.U.T.E Season X of this game, we can also survive the days without Fortnite update notes.

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