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Death Stranding Hype Gets Company Sued for $15,670!

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Probably the oddest of the way for a game to get on news headlines just before its release date. Kojima’s Death Stranding, which stars Norman Reedus as the main character, got a Russian gamer fired for being a bit too impatient. The gamer worked in retail store M Video, which was fined up to 1 million Russian rubles. This is equal to 15,670 U.S Dollars!

The official release date for Death Stranding, as set by Kojima, was 8th Nov 2019. However, one curious joe could not contain himself in excitation. Obviously, when you are arm’s length away from a game that stars Norman Reedus, why would you resist? Plus, the intricate designs with a captivating story is bound to tempt anyone.

Death Stranding Started Up Before Release

Now, we entirely understand why the Russian gamer did what he did because he just had to. As reported by RT, he was a Russian warehouse worker, employed at M.Video retail store who found copies of Death Stranding in the store. Instead of waiting for the game to release just like others, this Russian gamer found it fit to bag a copy and play it at home.

Trying to live a gamer’s dream was something that he should have avoided. That is because as soon as he switched on the Kojima game on his PS4, Sony received an alert. Eventually, the publisher quickly pinpointed the account. After investigation, Sony sent corporate email to M.Video, who later revealed that they have fired the person from the job. However, that was not the end. M.Video was hit with reputational damages and Sony fined them for whole 1 million rubles, or USD 15,670.

The managers were advised to keep the copies of Norman Reedus’s Death Stranding in locked rooms and safes, and concealing the boxes. I wonder if the Russian gamer got to play a few levels before he lost his job.

Death Stranding is released on 8th Nov, and you can watch the trailer here.


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